Campaign Bad Decisions

Season 2.2

why do we skip from season 1 to 2 so rapidly? *shrug*

Prologue and Universe Factz:

Anya and Helorie’s wedding met with quite a lot of disaster halfway through. While Anya and Helorie snuck off to the throne room so that Helorie could sit on the throne, Xander once again attacked the city with his army, hoping to strike when they were the most vulnerable and concentrate his forces.
Xander went to deal personally with Anya and Helorie, and caught them unprepared.He swiftly devoured Helorie’s soul, and Anya flipped the fuck out, destroying the universe momentarily.
She was sent to before the beginning of time (or she simply now existed in the constant place outside of linear time- I extrapolate on this idea in the Xander playlist) and stayed there for a very long time. After a while, she tried manifesting her soul, and in doing so, the universe was created. The manifestation of Anya’s soul is the universe and Anya herself is also the universe.
It was also revealed that Aaia, the first god, was created as an experiment by the subselves of the Primordials (the elementals), and Father was the afterbirth of that, existing outside of the universe (Anya). While Aaia rebelled against her creators, she needed the attention of powerful beings to survive. She fell into deep despair at the thought she would soon die, and in that despair she met Father and he impregnated her in a dream.
Once the other gods were born, they captured and edited Proto-Melkar and Proto-Setelli in an attempt to control them and have them turn her into a creature that didn’t need attention to survive. They couldn’t. Father then invented something that would allow a creature to give more “powerful” attention than it would normally suggest, an engine that would create more energy than it took in. This engine was the soul, and would allow mortals to “feed” the gods with very powerful attention.
They fought the war with the Primordials so the primordials would create these creatures. In the end, the Gods and Primordials made peace and collaborated to create The Eternal Compact (life/death) that would create souls, assign them to bodies upon their birth, and take them away upon their death.
Anyway, Anya’s The Starry One, and technically a goddess, though her soul is formatted in a very different way than most gods. Okay, for a moment, let’s imagine a god-soul (which isn’t really a soul as we know it) as a soul with a giant hole in the middle of it, allowing attention to come from different people and go inside the soul, nourishing it. The entire universe is Anya’s soul, and she automatically gains attention from all living beings, making her incredibly powerful. A former mortal soul is like a mortal soul (capable of producing vast amounts of attention) with a hole drilled in it. This is why although once-mortal gods can get very sick from a lack of attention, they can’t actually die.

Maelys Kills Xander:
Anyway so Anya, now the incredibly powerful Starry One, finally arrives back in the present day after having to live through the entire lifespan of the universe up until now. She returns to the fight with Xander and weakens him incredibly and generally. kicks his ass. She was going to let him go for bullshit reasons until Maelys shows up, sees Helorie dead and Anya as a Giant Woman and implodes Xander. Xander dies, there’s blood everywhere, Maelys becomes a goddess.
She decides to be the goddess of Good Decisions, Equality, Understanding, and Insight, which is real helpful since we needed one of them.
Sebastian is incredibly upset that his son is dead but knows that Maelys needs his aid and support more than ever, and accepts Maelys’s offer to become her exarch.
The rest of the invasion goes about as well as you’d think and ends with Illiam, the now leader of Hell, ordering his troops to flee. During this event Ekaterina is also returned to her home. Illiam, for reasons still unclear, is now a god. He becomes the God of Loss, Suffering, War, and Daemonkind. The Daemons are a new species he creates.

Meet the Old Roommate….
It’s the new semester! Jeh is ready to meet her new roomie, as is Sol (they are no longer roommates). Jeh meets her new roomie… it’s Alix! She’s back! cheers and confetti
Sol’s new roommate is the rude lady, Eva.
Not much else happened in that episode. Sponde coughed up a second sponde, Elete, who is very similar to Sponde only Elete is green. Eva got possessed by something and attacked Ekaterina, who is now going to school here. Mehtap is still the girls’ roomie.

The Team Tryouts:
The folks decide to try out for the new teams. This episode has very little plot. Team 1 ends up being Jeh, Alix, Mesembria, and Etsuko, with Messel as the team adult, and Team 2 ends up being Rakin (who is no longer a giant crab and now goes to college in a story that would take a very long time to explain), Solstice, Boneko, Ekaterina, and Valentina as team adult.
They then have a party and train to fight.

The Protests, Pt 1:
This was a two-part, maybe even three-part episode. Recently there have been a lot of conflicts in the Dragonlands, with Kobolds trying to escape and rise up against their Dragon masters. There have has also been a lot of pressure placed on the Uldoki government to free the intelligent robots in this country and give them full citizenship.
There was a protest on campus vs people who thought that robots couldn’t be people and who had issues with the government defining personhood, and robots and their allies. So basically the people who were anti-robot freedom showed up first, then the robots joined up to counter-protest, and their kobold allies tried to join and support them, but then various dragons came to counter-protest the kobolds. However, Lebert, the leader of the Dragon Club, doesn’t want the Dragon Club to join because she thinks that Kobolds should be free.
There’s one really racist dragon, Kassek-sshar, an old Gold Dragon who’s also a dragon racist and has been harassed hybrid dragons on campus, including his fellow Professors. Honestly the dude is for slavery in general, and was a professor who Xander was greatly influenced by when he went to school here centuries ago. He’s leading the dragons minus Lebert. Sol comforts Lebert who is upset about her club becoming a meeting ground for racists, when all she wanted was dragon-sized dorms, maybe a Draconic Culture week on campus, maybe giant steaks in the dining hall.
They join the kobolds, who are happy to have some support from friendly dragons. It just goes to prove their point that the way that dragons treat people needs to change.
The robot professor who owned the JubJub bird confronts Jeh over the bird theft and the loss of a vast amount of money, 100,000 GP spent on the bird. He asks Jeh why she’s willing to help them protest but not do something to actually help robots. After Jeh refuses to help him multiple times over, telling the man that she’s done with that part of her past, Solstice agrees to help the robot professor get his bird back.
They meet Javier, who is a mixed dragon, as was his father. He’s half silver, half blue, half white. He was a professor and a member of the Dragon Club, but Kassek-sshar wasted the club’s time criticizing and insulting Javier.
They met Tekila, leader of the kobolds club and an art student, a junior, I think? One of the dragons in the original dragon club goes to fight Tekila because he finds one of her protest posters blasphemous, and ends up fighting Sol instead.
The protest is disbanded eventually because they didn’t file the proper protest forms. Professor Kassek-sshar says they will come back in a week (10 days) with the proper forms and protest once more.

The Jubjub Returns
Sol is going to help the robot professor, whose name is Lebar Kurim. She goes to Forfax, who is the leader of the animal club and asks if she can get the money back. Forfax says the money has been spent already, and it turns out the animal club bought a bunch of dinosaurs with the money and is starting their very own jurassic park, called the Dinosaurium. (Dinosaurs are still alive on Kenisal in this universe).
Forfax is not a fan of the Dinosaurium but he only had a single vote and couldn’t vote against it.
They went to visit Cassandra and Bara, and Forfax asks them to give him his money for the bird. Cassandra is very against this, covering the jubjub bird’s head and telling them not to say such things in front of the bird. The bird is happy living with Bara, and when Lebar arrives, doesn’t like him very much. He doesn’t want to be bathed with milk and drink wine from golden bowls anymore, and is upset that Lebar is a robot.
Bara is upset by this and the bird refuses to tell them who started him with anti-robot sentiments. After Sol trying to explain to the bird that he should accept Lebar, Jubjub reveals that the source of his feelings is Danill, and they later go and argue with Danill.
Later Sol goes to a meeting of the animals club and argues with the people there. There are 6 people who are on the E-Board of the club, and at least 4 must approve something for it to take effect. Therefore, Sol must sway 4 of the members to sell the dinosaurs and return the money to Lebar.
The Animal Welfare person and VP are against it, and the Animal Welfare person decides to try and turn into a bird and unleash the dinos. Sol catches her, and the club votes. They vote to sell the dinosaurs and give Lebar back his money over time.
It is revealed the dinosaurs come from a dinosaur farm where they were being abused. In the end, Lebar decides to settle for 50,000 and the T-Rex, Betsy. I hope they’re ready to have adventures together.
Forfax wants to keep some of the raptors, and Maris buys one to be her mount and to ride off into the sunset upon.

The Protest: Part 2
The kobolds, robots, and allies join together at a meeting to discuss their counter-protest at the second protest a week later. They discuss strategies, who will bring the food, and chants/songs. They meet Javier’s life partner, Chandra, and Krenmyr is there too (Krenmyr originally appeared at the orphanage fundraiser with eir husband Mazin).
After eating some delicious corn puffs, they go home. Eva, still Sol’s roomie and involved in the anti-robot side of the protest, warns Solstice not to come to the protest but can’t give any actual details.
Nine days after the last protest, a day before the second protest was about to happen, Messel goes to tell Sol, Jeh, and Alix that they changed the day of the protest! Yikes! The protestors on the side of the robots and kobolds are attempting to gather, but are having trouble coming together and are not prepared as they wanted to be. Professor Kassek-sshar goes to confront Tekila, asking her if she has a permit. She got a permit, but for the next day, and Kassek-sshar threatens to call the police due to her lack of a protest permit. Sol offers to run and go get a new permit.
After a brief bureaucratic adventure and fighting a racist woman in the provost’s office, she finally gets it and returns to the group. Elato made a bean sprout sandwich in an attempt to befriend Jeh, who he thought for unclear reasons was lactose intolerant. Jeh refuses it initially before accepting it. Aeshtar summons the debate stage and Tekila and Kassek-sshar take the stage, “like David and Goliath if that was a metaphor that existed in this world.”
Tekila delivers a thrilling opening argument, and Kassek-sshar responds by trying to mentally dominate the entire crowd to think the way he thinks. Those affected by it hear an argument on why kobolds and constructs should not be treated as equals that somehow magically convinces them. This stops the debates in the tracks as Tekila begins to sob, one of the many people mentally affected by this dragon professor. Aeshtar declares the debate over and the professor’s supporters begin to sing “for he’s a jolly good dragon”
Jeh, in this episode the voice of reason (why) was not effected and instead convinces Sol to call up her mom and tell her about her new beliefs. Javier runs away from the protest just as Maelys shows up. Maelys casts Break Enchantment on people, making them able to see the flaws and inaccuracies in the argument and finally return to their old beliefs. Once this is revealed, Aeshtar threatens to sanction him if he violates the code of the academic debate one more time, but Maelys points out that members of the royal family were attacked and that’s treason, and while Aeshtar can’t fire Kassek-sshar due to his tenure, but calls the actual police.
Maelys eventually goes to find and unspell the people who ran from the protests after their new beliefs. She meets Javier, and unspells him and tells him she will work very hard to make sure Kassek-sshar is convicted of treason and the Philosophy department gets a new, better head professor.
She then goes to meet Cassandra and Danill and speak to them about what’s happened. It seems that Kassek-sshar has been in a very good positon to spread his beliefs, being able to talk to hundreds of impressionable minds a year. Kassek-sshar is sent to moon prison for his crimes.

The Saga of The Old People
While Sol and Jeh are on their way to a campus party, they are approached by a gaggle of old people. They ask the two of them to directions to various places, and finally the Advanced Weapon Research Center. They meet a graduate student there, who tells them the Advanced Weapon Research Center is not open to the general public, but who after some mind control from the old people is willing to give them a tour. All the projects here are funded by the Uldoki Government.
The Grad Student, Tim, first takes them to the Magical Weapon Research Lab. They see machines that are supposed to enchant magical weapons, swords enchanted with a bare amount of magical energy, a sword that shoots tiny balls of fire, and magical weapons that are not actually made with magic.
Next is the wand room. They have wands here of more powerful spells, a wand gun that shoots the spells within wands, and self recharging staves and wands. Tim briefly mentions that the Tsar was very pleased with this project when he visited, and that he shut down the Birds project, working on creating robotic birds that could fight Uldok’s enemies and blow themselves up when needed. They weren’t real birds, only bird shaped and bird disguised, but Helorie shut it down in Tim’s opinions because “his family likes birds a lot”.
They go to the next room, the simulation room, which originally looks like the Windows XP default wallpaper but can simulate battles between any armies in the world. In the room after that there are guns that don’t need reloading, bows that don’t need arrows or strings, and explosive arrows. Finally, the aged people get angry that Tim didn’t show them the ultra-top-secret weapons, and demands they show them the real stuff. Tim, still mind controlled, decides to show it to them. They enter the basement lab. There’s an advanced suit of power armor with integrated weapons and wand slots, designed for 6’2” Helorie and which 5’6” Tim the Grad Student cannot wear. There’s the Mega-Disruptor, which if turned on will cause very painful and ear-damaging sounds. it a big egg . There’s a rack of magical weapons. Finally, the Annihilator Mini-Cannon, which hovers over your shoulder and shoots holes in whoever you designate. The leader of the old people gains control of this cannon and kills poor, innocent Tim with it.
Sol is finally struck out of the old people’s mind control, and she and Jeh fight them. Geraldine, the second in command of the old people, fires beams at the old people that strip away years of their lives. Eventually the group gains control of the cannon and defeats the aged. A handsome drow professor named Karr shows up a few minutes later, alerted by the sirens and the military arrests the old people.
They take Sol and Jeh to see Helorie, in the process of making a giant rainbow battlesuit for reasons that were never quite explained. They tell him the story and Helorie suggests that Sol can probably afford life-extension treatments while Jeh should probably become a lich.

Adventures of the Mail Lady
The next day Sol and Jeh get their mail. It’s from one of the richer neighborhoods in town, near where Markus lives. The person has heard of Sol and Jeh’s plight and wishes to help them. They go to this man’s house and a butler opens the door for them. The man’s name is Doctor H. He has a giant picture in his home of Sebastian holding a spear, stepping on top of a giant orb. A silver-haired tiefling man with a cane is revealed to be Dr. H, or Dr Izak Harley. It turns out the old people used to work for him, harvesting years of life from criminals and selling them to people “more deserving” of them. He tells them that he found out about their plight because had to have crystals made to show whenever the old people used their abilities. He tells them that he can perform a treatment to steal years from the old woman who stole them and transfer them back to their bodies.
As this is illegal in Uldok (they used to live in Halik, a city in Sebbie’s old hell), they’ll have to break Geraldine out of prison, and get equipment so they can unwillingly transfer years from her back into Sol and Jeh.
The two of them go to the hospital that was stealing souls and bluff that they are trying to make sure all of the equipment used to steal souls was properly removed from the hospital. The receptionist gets the two of them a Government Official pass and a map. They find what they think are the machines after a long search and bring them back to Dr. H. Dr H explains that he could make the machines from these parts, if he had the help of a Grammarist. The group gets Messel to help. Finally, they go to the basement with Dr. H and Messel. They see a large painting, painted by the Dr, a truly hideous painting, of Sebastian stabbing Valana in the heart with a spear. Messel and Dr. H work to make the machine, but in the end Dr. H betrays them, releasing the sleep gas into the room. Sol is the only one who stays awake, and she fights the butler in an exciting butler fight. The sleeping gas explodes, killing Messel and Jeh. Dr. H tries to escape into his own personal tunnel with a minecart, and Sol chases him. She turns into a dragon to try and crush him. Dr. H is trying to escape into his boat. It turns out he was actually the head of The Halik Runners, a criminal organization in Halik that could supply you with anything.
They go back to the house and the firefighters are there. They arrest both Dr. H and Sol, and put Sol into the Cube of Justice, a giant hovering Uldoki Police Cube.
Helorie finally shows up to free Sol from the Cube of Justice. He listens to Sol’s story and explains what he found out about the criminal Old People, who it seems are now Father Cultists.



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