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What's Happened to Isha since the Wedding?

A recap for ishas

At the wedding, Xander attacked Anya and Helorie, temporarily eating Helorie’s soul. This made Anya destroy the universe, sending her to the beginning of time, where she eventually manifested her soul and discovered that her soul was the universe and she was the Starry One. After several billion years she finally arrived back in the present time and continued her fight against Xander, saving Helorie’s soul. Xander, badly weakened, tried to flee, but Maelys arrived in the nick of time and imploded Xander. Maelys became a goddess, and for unknown reasons Illiam also became a god. Xander’s invasion was a true failure. Later Illiam made Jiro from his and Xander’s combined DNA, and Sasha as a clone of Xander. He mourned his beloved Xander and tried his best to reorganize hell into destroying the universe as Father’s ally. Meanwhile, though suffering due to the loss of his son, Sebastian agreed to become Maelys’s exarch.
The orphanage was finally built over the summer and Isha spent much time there, getting everything ready. When school started back up, it was revealed that Alix had been resurrected and was back at school. There were some protests between those who opposed the new freedom for robots and the robots themselves, and the kobolds, long enslaved by dragons in the Dragonlands, joined their protest as allies but eventually were counter-protested by Dragons who saw this as the natural order. The protests went on for several weeks, and Nadir and Sol were allies of the kobolds’ cause and met some new friends.
The animal club had a conflict with one of the robots, Lebar Kurim, who had been sold the Jubjub bird but who had the bird stolen from him by Jeh. He wanted either his bird or his 100,000 gp adoption fee back. Sol offered to help him and in the end the animal club was forced to sell its dinosaurs. The positions of vice-president and animal welfare chair were open for students who wished to take them, and Isha could have one of those positions if you wanted him to. Lebar settled for 50,000 gp and a T-Rex named Betsy, his new companion.
Later that semester there was that one session you went to, and shortly after the campus was consumed by the fear of infection from Illthid parasites, which were implanted into people’s head by the Father Club. Isha was seen working on the student health center to remove the parasites from the heads of the students. Later, the infection was cured via powerful magic and the bullshit artifact that is- the Deck of Many Things.
Due to Deck of Many Things abuse, theft, and plot, many people ended up ascending to godhood, generally people who were related to current gods. They included Dr. Checkers (for who knows what reason), Jeh, Alix, Sol, Elian, and Isha. In addition, Illiam was convinced by Maelys that if he helped them and joined his side, she would bring back Xander to him.
After much inner struggle and thought, Illiam accepted this offer and Xander was brought back to him after months of pain. However, Naven was not fully their ally. Four beings known as the Riders of the Apocalypse or just the Riders, mighty servants of Father, were summoned by Illiam shortly after Xander’s death and after Illiam turned his back on Father, these powerful Riders sought to control Naven. The planet is now half under Rider control and half under the control of the Imperial government. In addition, Xander has experienced much trauma due to being tortured constantly while dead, for a period of time he describes as “a single moment and yet an eternity”. Illiam wants to do his best to help his husband recover.
Elian moved in with Maelys and Kalev moved out of Maelys’s godzone, where he stayed for many months, basically doing nothing and flooding the place with wolves. That zone became a hotspot for collaboration and meetings on the plans to take out the Riders.
Isha and Nadir got an invitation from a kindly old woman for them, their children, and all the orphans to attend the opening night of her new circus and get a backstage tour of all the things in the circus. However, it turned out her dreams of the world’s greatest circus were sabotaged by her sinister ringmaster, who with mind control made everyone enter an imaginary world while her cronies loaded them onto a spaceship to be sent to Naven to be soldiers in the army of Conquest, one of the Riders, focusing on mind control. Through quick thinking, Alix, Mesembria, Sol, and Jeh managed to stop the ringmaster and turn the spaceship around. Alix and Sol decided to stay on Naven, fighting the Riders, while they created non-god versions of themselves to attend school and go on adventures as normal.
Nadir and the new Anti-Father club went on a two-week adventure to Zharn during the period when the previous king of Zharn was killed. They were there eradicating a Father Cult, and managed to destroy the cult with minimal loss of life, though the cult did try to kill the entire campus of students. Orred announced that Valana would be the new eternal King of Zharn (the ruler of Zharn is always a King, regardless of gender).
Because of this Alix and Sol went on a quest to take down Elolei, and managed to do so by catching her extremely off guard and with the help of Thistle, a unicorn necromancer who was put in Elolei’s Horse Jail for crimes against Horsemanity and Dark Horse Magick. Thistle became a god because of this. They then attempted to free Orred from his mother’s mind control, and finally managed to do so via a long and beautiful journey into Orred’s psyche.
Recently, Talrus once again tried to invade the city of Kirov and other cities. He did so this time by sending aquatic trolls, aquatic giants, and giant fish monsters. While the gang went to fight them, Ekaterina was kidnapped by an evil child who was a Talrus follower, and part of the group went to rescue her. They brought back three children, Snowflake, Frostbite, and the third child, Lenia. The evil child, Illva was taken to moon jail, which is no longer on the moon, but Helorie is honestly wondering if it’s ethical to put kids in jail, even if they did turn people into rabbits.
Finally, the eggs hatched. Anya and Helorie’s kids, Dmitri and Pyotr, have been unleashed upon this world. May Isha help us all.

New Gods, in Order of Newness:
-Maelys (Exarch: Sebastian)
-Dr. Checkers, for who knows what reason
-Isha (though he didn’t yet realize it for quite a while)
-Alix (Exarch: Mesembria, who she is now dating)
-Elian (Exarch: Messel)
The new gods were heavily foreshadowed from not only the beginning of this campaign but also last campaign as well.

Isha also got his very own playlist Isha Playlist



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