Adrianna von Wolff

worst character


Adrianna is a seemingly human girl, though she has fey, devil, and god blood inside of her. She is shortish, and has long black hair, usually pulled back in pigtails. She is never seen without her Quorb. She is always dressed in expensive and fancy clothes. Are some of them magic? Probs.


Adrianna is Messel’s cousin, and the party’s former roommate. She is a very spoiled and bratty young girl, who tends to solve her problems with setting things on fire or invoking her father to work things out.
Adrianna is roughly the worst character and I will confirm this. She almost got a chapter in And So This is Orredmas, but I had to cut it out for being awful. The only person she idolizes seems to be her relative, Anya. Possibly Arianna Alkavov as well, who she is semi-named-for?
Adrianna has a criminal record, having been arrested once for endangering the public, arson, and cruelty for seals. Let’s be 1000% real, she probably has multiple accounts of arson on her record.
Adrianna’s in hell now. great job guys. Just like Messel’s other major relative who’s in hell, it’s all the party’s fault.

Adrianna von Wolff

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