Alix Misra

Sky-pirate and professional stabber


Alix is a young winged woman of seventeen, with caramel skin, brown eyes and shortish black hair. She has piercings in her ears and eyebrows, a tattooed dotted circle on her left shoulder, and a prominent scar across her left eye (that luckily does not hamper her sight). Alix’s wings are a dusty amber-brown that matches her eyes, and she decorates them with turquoise beads and strips of black cloth. She usually dresses in leathers in furs. Alix is about average height, and strong from years of clambering about in the rigging of her father’s ship.


Alix Misra was born in the skies–she’s not really sure what country her father’s skyship was above at the time, but both her parents hailed originally from Navine, so when pressed that is what she will give as her country of origin. Her mother died when she was small, so she was raised by her father, a cunning pirate captain, and his assorted crew members. Alix grew up tough and totally adapted for the violent lifestyle on board the ship, although her father was quite protective and kept her out of most real danger and trouble. Her education was given to her by those of the crew who had some learning, including her father, and sometimes tutors he kidnapped brought on board.

Really, all Alix wanted to do with her life was to follow in her father’s footsteps and join his pirate crew, but her father was determined that his only child would go to university. He was wealthy enough to pay her way easily, and despite her predilections for climbing, fighting and stealing Alix is actually quite clever, so she enrolled in the University of Uldok. Alix chose Naval Engineering as her major, to gain an intimate working knowledge of both traditional ships and skyships, and Cartography as her minor, to improve her ability to chart courses and navigate the skies and waters. Just because she agreed to go to college, though, doesn’t mean that she won’t take whatever adventure she can find there…

Alix was killed defending her friends in the invasion of Kirov by Xander’s forces, but recently resurrected.

Alix Misra

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