Cs. Messel von Wolff

Guidance Conselor who took you to the battlezone


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University of Kirov Faculty Page
Name Cs. Messel von Wolff
Department Arcane Engineering
Position Senior Assistant
Years At University 10
Species Half-Assel Tiefling
Preferred Pronouns He/Him/His/Himself

Hello! You’ve reached the personal page of Candidate of Science, Messel von Wolff. I’m glad you’re interested in me, my research, or my classes.
I recently received my Candidate of Science degree from the university, and as per our university custom, I am now allowed to begin teaching to the freshlings, as I continue my research into Terminal Communications. By the way, if anyone is interested in reading my paper, Communication Between Terminals: An Effective Solution for Universities, send me a mail and I will send it to you. Or you can find me on campus, I usually carry a copy on me in case anyone would like one.
I have been living in Kirov since I was a little freshling, ten years ago. It is a pleasant city! I have met many interesting people there, people who I would have never met underneath the sea. College is a time for one to expand their minds and opportunities. Go out! Meet new friends! Don’t stay in your room, reading and weeping! I know I did that my first semester or two, and it was only once I made my first few friends that I started to meet other, interesting people.
I enjoy sharing my passion for Arcane Engineering with others! This semester I will be in charge of the following classes:

All Sections of Gramaric Telecommunications I
10:00 Arcanodynamics I for Engineering Students
All Sections of Terminals for Engineering Students
3:00 Puissance Circuits I

Cs. Messel von Wolff

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