Dr. Cheykernatll-ma’aai vest’ttnai

Professor of Xenotheurgy, Lover of Tea


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University of Kirov Faculty Page
Name Dr. Cheykernatll-ma’aai vest’ttnai
Department Xenotheurgy
Position Visiting Professor
Years At University 12
Species Vlexinien
Preferred Pronouns It/It/Its/Itself

Why hello my darlings~ (∪ ◡ ∪) It’s nice to meet all of you! My name is Dr. Cheykernatll-ma’aai vest’ttnai but you can call me Dr. Checkers! I know that the tongues of most are not prepared to pronounce my name in Alko~
I have been visiting your lovely university for the last 12 years. I was only supposed to stay here for one, but the University of Kalevendiaven insists I have only been here for half a year. Oh, my darling home university. It can be a bit confused at times. But it is a lovely place here! I have made so many friends who are precious to me here, after all!
I am an expert on Xenotheurgy, and am the author of the only translation of the legendary Codex Vesania in Uldoki. If you are interested in unspeakable tomes, unknowable secrets, unimaginable truths, or tea, I would like to meet you! I think we will be good friends! ʘ‿ʘ
This semester I will be teaching the following courses: Introduction to Magical Systems, Foundations of Traditional Magic, Festertongues for Alko Speakers, Xenotheurgial Symbolism and Secrets in Traditional Kenisan Texts, and of course, my famous Moaning seminar! (・∀・ ) Wow, that’s a lot of beautiful classes this year! I am excited to meet all of my new students!
Goodbye! I hope to talk to you soon! (´ ▽ ` )ノ

Dr. Cheykernatll-ma’aai vest’ttnai

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