Dr. Karol Vasilev

Former University Provost


This is an in-universe page.

University of Kirov Faculty Page
Name Dr. Karol Vasilev
Department Administration
Position Rector
Years At University 24
Species Half-Elf
Preferred Pronouns He/Him/His/Himself

This page has been left in memorial of our beloved Former Rector, Karol Vasilev. Rest in Peace, Dr. Vasilev. Your love for the student body, passion for suspenders, and devotion to the university will be greatly missed.

Hello, everyone! I’m your Rector here at the University of Kirov, Dr. Karol Vasilev. First things first: Non-Uldoki Native Speakers, it’s pronounced like “Carl”, not “Carol.”
It was my dream to go to the University of Kirov since I was a little boy, and I don’t believe I could have predicted where my dream has gone! The University’s my favorite place in the world. It’s where I went to school for eight years! It’s where I met the love of my life, Ivan, and its where I would have married him, had he not immediately shot down that idea (though the temple wedding was lovely). I hope that you will come to love this place, too!
As Rector, it’s my job to manage the “big picture” how this university functions, interact with government and other organizations, and direct our course through the 74th Century! I love interacting with students, and it is my dream to meet each and everyone one of you, and hopefully learn all your names! It is my hope that my children will one day come to this school, and learn all that they can, here at the greatest University in the cosmos! Thanks for reading!

Dr. Karol Vasilev

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