Dr. Viktoriya Petrov

Dean of the College of Arts and Letters


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University of Kirov Faculty Page
Name Dr. Viktoriya Petrov
Department College of Arts and Letters
Position Dean
Years At University 64
Species Human
Preferred Pronouns She/Her/Her/Herself

Imagine, if you will, a day when you could not simply look up your faculty members in a hyper-crystal database! A day when you could not simply gain all the needed information about them without ever talking to a real person! A day when you had to sit down with a cup of tea with your faculty members in order to learn about them.
Sadly those days are gone! I was a young girl at this university once. That was before I gained my doctorate in Economics! Before I was appointed Dean of this beautiful college! Imagine hauling books from the library to your dorm room! Constantly worrying if you would have your hand extracted and added to the wall! A beautiful time! When our dear Tsaritsa, Esfir the Beautiful, was in power, and not her crazy snake brat and her uncle!! We would go down to the beach and eat cheese sandwiches. We would watch the waves roll in. There would be no need to worry about airship attack. We would simply sit and talk about our feelings, about books, and about our EDUCATIONS.
Sadly those days are gone! Please visit me in my office if you want to learn more. No, I’m not telling you where it is! You will have to learn for yourself! I will have the tea ready.

Dr. Viktoriya Petrov

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