Nadir Ketrep

The dragon equivalent of a teen dad


In his humanoid form, Nadir is a Medusa, of average height, slightly stocky. His skin is standard human, without scales, normal except for the fact that it’s black (as in actually black, not dark brown). His hair, predictably, is made of black snakes, and falls to about his mid-back, although he usually binds it back in a loose ponytail. He dresses simply but expensively, and generally wears specially-treated goggles or eyeglasses to deal with his paralyzing eyesight, although on special occasions he may wear masks.


In dragon form, Nadir is a bit shorter and bulkier than the average for his age, built for strength, not speed, and has longer-than-average, very wide wings and a thick, strong tail. He is on the dusky side of the range brass dragons usually fall into, but still passes as a full-blooded brass dragon to the casual observer.


Nadir was born and raised in Xiaomen, one of the four children of the Empress. He excelled in his schooling in matters of state and is the heir apparent. Like his mother, he has a passion for languages and is an adept diplomat. When given the opportunity at age forty-eight, he chose to attend school at the University of Kirov, where he is majoring in Political Science and Shimenese Studies to start with, although he plans to obtain quite a number of degrees (probably from several different universities).

At the University he met a boy called Isha and fell in love pretty quickly. They recently moved into a house together and care for a number of children, although recently one of their children, Olive, turned out to be an undercover princess and tried to kidnap another of the children, Bara, also an undercover princess but from a different country. Both were taken away by their parents, leaving Nadir and Isha only with Vara, the mute, soulless ex-experiment, Morty, a mute, soulless ex-experiment baby, and Alice, the ghost.

Nadir thought University was going to be very straightforward, but now he’s got a family to care for, and all the responsibilities that brings. Luckily, he’s been training for decades to run a country. Surely he can keep one household together…

Nadir Ketrep

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