Solstice Ketrep

An artist-slash-firebender-slash-princess


In her catfolk form, Solstice is tall, muscular, and curvy, with serious hips. The thick, dense fur that covers her body is mostly short except on her tail, where is is long and luxurious, and the top of her head, where it explodes out into a wild mane of hair tamed partially by a number of braids that she weaves into it. Her fur and hair are mostly a rich golden-brown, with streaks, patches and tints of soft loam-brown, ruddy red-orange, and a paler tan color. Her ears are sharply pointed and usually aimed inquisitively at something. She has broad features and brilliant golden eyes. She uses makeup made for catfolk fur, particularly fiery-colored eye makeup, and has permanent patterns/tattoos dyed into her fur magically on her face and arm. Solstice rarely wears skirts in everyday life, but dresses flirtatiously, in warm colors.


In dragon form, Solstice has the same patchwork effect that she does in catfolk form. Her scales are a mixture of patches, streaks, and splotches of brass, bronze, and copper. While the brass shade dominates to an extent, no one would ever look at Solstice and see anything but a mixed-blood dragon. Her dragon form is on the large size, long and lean, and moves with feline grace despite its long, dramatic (though as yet useless) wings.


Solstice was hatched in the Xiaomenese capital, though for security reasons the exact location of the clutch that she and her siblings hatched from was a secret up until their hatching, due to the fact that Sol’s mother is Empress Maëlys Trishar of the Xiaomenese Empire. Solstice, along with her brothers Nadir and Equinox and her sister Zenith, was raised primarily in the palace in the capital city, although they also took frequent trips to various parts of the empire, including places in An-xiao, Va-xiao, and the Shimenese Protectorate, as well as international visits to Azerillia, the Dragonlands desert, Uldok, and plenty of other places. Sol and her siblings were raised more by their father than by their mother, who was quite busy with affairs of state, although she made time to spend with them as often as possible.

Solstice has been tutored ever since she was young in languages, comportment, political science, economics, history, international relations, and other things important to a member of the royal family of one of the largest empires on the planet. However, she was also taught literature, art, music, and other pursuits, and in art she found something to be passionate about. Of course, Sol’s life was not all about studying–she also did plenty of exploring and got into plenty of mischief. For the first forty-eight years of her life Sol lived primarily with her family in Xiaomen, but at forty-eight her parents decided that Sol and her siblings were close enough to adulthood to attend universities of their choosing outside of Xiaomen.

Solstice chose to attend the University of Azerillia along with her sister Zenith, and she spent a semester there living with her extended family in the city, attending the University majoring in Art and Innate Studies, to master powers over the element of fire. She grew increasingly frustrated, though, with the conservative nature of the city; since many of the more liberal dragons had, in the last few centuries, moved to Xiaomen. As a mixed-blood dragon and recognizable member of Xiaomenese royalty, the two-faced nature of those she interacted with grated on her. In the end, she decided to transfer to the University of Kirov, where her brother Nadir attended school. In her catfolk form, she would be more anonymous, and she wouldn’t face anywhere near as much nasty anti-mixed-blood sentiment. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite realize the oppression against catfolk common in Uldok, and without her identity as royalty being known she faced much more direct prejudice than she ever had in Azerillia. But Sol, who loathed prejudice of any sort, was quick to decide that she would take on the catfolk’s cause as her own.

Of course, day-to-day life in Kirov is nothing if not complicated and exciting. Her roommate is definitely a double agent for SOMEONE, and may or may not have gotten her former roomie killed. That girl Etsuko from across the hall is super cute. Sol’s brother has moved in with his boyfriend and accumulated a weird-yet-lovable bunch of children. And Kirov is still shaken by the aftereffects of invasion. Still, Sol has never been averse to a little excitement and drama in her life!

Solstice Ketrep

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