Sponde? Sponde sponde. Sponde! Sponde sponde sponde! Okay. Enough Sponde Humor. Sponde is a creature, roughly the size of a cat, with luxurious pink fur and brilliant green eyes. Sponde has long, floppy ears, horns, a gentle face, and wings. Sponde also has a very long and luxurious tail with a spike hidden in it, for when it is time to strike. It is unclear if Sponde is male, female, or something else entirely. Sponde only eats miniature cupcakes and the blood of its enemies.


Sponde is simply a creature that is Mesembria’s pet and lives in your room. It spends its time relaxing, sunning, flying on top of people’s heads, and being pet. Sponde is an easy-natured creature who it is hard to upset, unless you are yourself a pet, in which case Sponde will fight you. There are few who dislike Sponde, except for Markus and Adrianna.


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