Sunny/Elian Ashbur

Suspected terrorist and definite cult leader


Elian looks identical to his brother Illiam. He is a petite blonde man of average height, with shimmering gray-green eyes. Despite the fact he’s of unknown age, having died as an old man and brought back an unknown amount of years ago, he looks like he’s probably in his late 20s/early 30s.

Elian = Original Sunny = “The Good One” = Guy With Moon God
Illiam = !Sunny = “The Bad One” = Guy Dating Xander


Elian was alive during the war of Divine Liberation, and worked for Empress Maelys in Xiaomen for many years before killing himself. Before Maelys hired him, he was a terrorist, working with his brother Illiam. During this time they were both priests of Aaia, though none were actually clerics (members of the class, I mean). Elian had the power to turn into an angelic being, and was also psychic. He lost this power after defecting to the Uldoki side of the war.
Elian is now alive and working towards vague and potentially mysterious agendas, including fighting against Valana and Xander, and attempting to keep Father from entering our world. What other agendas he may have are unknown. He is most likely working with the woman who brought him back to life, the woman who is “like the furnace in which stars are born”. He aided strongly in the ressurection of Ulmer, and the creation of Desta. He runs some sort of moon cult.

Presumably Elian still possesses the psychic powers he possessed in life.

Sunny/Elian Ashbur

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