!Sunny/Illiam Ashbur

Evil Terrorist Fellow, Consort of Xander


Illiam looks identical to his brother Elian. He is a petite blonde man of average height, with shimmering gray-green eyes. Being an Elan, he is now technically immortal and should, hypothetically look at least slightly different than he did in life, probably meaning at least part of his current appearance is a disguise.

Illiam = !Sunny = “The Bad One” = Guy Dating Xander
Elian = Original Sunny = “The Good One” = Guy With Moon God

(The ! in front of Sunny indicates not Sunny.)


Illiam is a terrorist who dates back to the War of Divine Liberation. He was one of the few people who stayed in Kirov during regime changes, running the cathedral of Aaia there, alongside his brother, Elian. During the war he and his brother posed much threat to [the PCs], causing much trouble and even killing them once! (Illiam is op plz nerf)
While Elian was brought to the side of good and anti-Aaia, Illiam was loyal to his goddess up until her death. Elian hunted his brother as head of the terrorist catching squad, but never caught him. Illiam became an elan at an unknown point, giving him immortality and a mild boost to his psychic powers, and wandered for many years, causing trouble, dating the Tsar’s son at one point (which is truly bizarre because he helped kill the Tsar) and the like, until he somehow became Xander’s exarch and consort. It is noted that Xander’s empire has become much more aggressive and hypothetically competent upon the addition of Illiam to its hierarchy.
You guys met him that time he kidnapped Messel and at Xander’s hunting lodge. Those are the times it wasn’t Sunny/Elian.
Illiam and his brother share a love for goldfish crackers, anachronisms be damned.
According to reports, Illiam now has a child with Xander, a little baby girl named Seva.

!Sunny/Illiam Ashbur

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