Tsaritsa Ekaterina Alkavov

The former Tsaritsa of Uldok, currently kidnapped.


Ekaterina is the younger of the Alkavov sisters by two years. Her father is General Klyugin. She has darker skin than her mother or her sister Anya, and her hair is usually kept short and sort of swooped. She dresses primarily in dresses or gowns, and has at least three people and a legion of servants who monitor her public image at all times.
The image I’m using right now is from a dollmaker. I’ll draw her her own… soon. (I like it better than her avatar in game)


Ekaterina was the ruler of Uldok, a very stressful job indeed. While she is magical, like most of the Alkavovs, her magic is quite minor compared to the talent of Tsar Dmitri the Great or even her own sister. However, she did her best to compete and use her talents to the best of their ability.
Ekaterina was recently kidnapped, betrayed by Jeh Deva, her lover. Due to Uldoki law, her sister now may take the throne. If Ekaterina is ever rescued, it is uncertain what will happen to her, and what her new place in Uldok will be.
Ekatarina’s familar is a rare sort of bird known as a dodo bird. Apparently, the species is very close to extinction and Ekaterina is doing her best to save the species. This has caused many journalists, satirists and the like to represent her as such a bird- while her mother was a powerful, warmongering eagle, and her grandfather a stork (of course), Ekaterina herself is a fat, flightless, pointless bird. Usually people who do representations of this sort represent Ekaterina’s sister, Anya, as a stork, just like her legendary grandfather.

Tsaritsa Ekaterina Alkavov

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