Tsar Dmitri the Great

Dead Founder of the Alkavov Dynasty


Tsar Dmtri the Great was the founder of the Alkavov Dynasty. He’s been dead for like hundreds of years now. Why does he have a character page? Why not?
He was a tallish man with prosthetic limbs for all of his limbs except for his wings, which are both real and black. He had dark skin, rich violet eyes, and was actually p. handsome. Like he had a ridiculous charisma score guys. He did not have any sense of fashion tho
He was a great wizard. The best wizard? The best wizard. It was said he could cast any spell from memory simply by seeing it in a spellbook once.


I could describe his personality real in depth here. I’m not going to. Instead, here are some highlights of his assholery (feel free 2 suggest some more people from the old game)

  • Forced brother to abandon his pregnant girlfriend
  • Told brother he could get throne but then snatched it away from him
  • You know what just everything he’s ever done to Helorie
  • Dress Code for his birthday party
  • Could never get anyone’s name right
  • The Monroe Thing

That’s not to say he wasn’t a good ruler! He was! And he was a decent person MOST of the time! But his attitude towards people was like a person playing a game. He just never really seemed to have much respect for people as people. There were a few exceptions to that. He genuinely loved Chrysal. And I think, besides his jerkery, he genuinely loved Helorie (though he gave no shits about Helorie’s feelings, ever). Plus other people. Maybe.

Dmitri is the father of the previous Tsaritsa (Esfir) as well as her brothers, Danill and Kir. He is the grandfather of the current Tsaritsa (Anya) as well as her sister, the former Tsarita, Ekaterina. He is also Bara’s grandfather! He had a few nieces and nephews. Most prominently, Arianna.

Tsar Dmitri the Great

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