Tsarevich Danill Alkavov

Druid, Orator, Autistic Advocate, AWOL


Danill is kind of tallish, and the only one of his siblings to get his mother’s red hair. He has an intensely glorious, fluffy beard. Danill is not as thin as Kir, but is not athletically built like Esfir. He’s kind of average. Usually, he wears long but comfortable robes or tunics.
Danill has a tendancy to spell with his hands in USL as he speaks, and when he’s speaking with someone who knows USL, he usually actually signs as he speaks. He occasionally signs things that he’s not saying aloud, whether if it’s because he finds the concepts easier to communicate a different way using USL, or as a second sort of commentary. While usually verbal, he occasionally has non-verbal episodes. They’ve ranged in time from a few hours to a few years. They’re mainly triggered by stress and anxiety.
He’s a powerful druid, and has the ability to work magic through his speeches, ideas, poems, etc.


Danill never got to meet his father. Tsar Dmitri the Great sacrified himself before his sons could meet him. But Danill has always had a sort of connection with his absent father, which he talks about a lot in his books, particularly My Father In Me.
Danill is a great lover of language in all its forms. He’s a writer, an orator, and a poet. He has this sort of eloquent, poetic quality in his writing quality. He’s also, uh, kind of an angry guy. Like not anger manegement issues kind of angry, but this sort of occasionally sarcastic, righteous anger that he has for the rude, racist, ableist and willfully ignorant. He’s not the sort of person to be polite to someone he’s angry at or someone who’s not polite towards him.
Danill has moved back into the palace to aid Anya and the war efforts, but has asked the group not to tell Bara that he is there. He is the husband of Cassandra von Wolff and the father of Bara.

Tsarevich Danill Alkavov

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