Tsaritsa Anya Alkavov

Literally the Universe


Anya is the eldest of the Alkavov sisters by two years. Her father, Prince Itzicatl is in fact a couatl, and she has both serpentine traits from him and infernal traits from her mother’s bloodline. She is a stunning young woman with medium brown skin, somewhat wavy black hair, and dark violet eyes. She has an hourglass figure, part of which is natural, and part of which is induced through corsets. Anya is very conscious about her appearance, and rarely goes out in public looking less than intensely beautiful. She has black wings that tend to shimmer in the sunlight.
Anya was born without legs, so to speak, rather instead having two snake-like tails. A wheelchair user for most of her life, she eventually created magical prosthetics that help her walk, though not without great pain. However, as a goddess, Anya finally has a single snake tail which she slithers around on, and has also grown two additional arms. She has a crown of stars surrounding her head at all times.


Anya was not in the public eye for most of her childhood, though insider sources describe her as an ugly, cruel child, constantly rebuffing the kind acts and deeds of her sister Ekaterina. It’s unknown how accurate this is, taking into account the fact that Ekaterina was the darling child of the Imperial court. After her uncle, Danill, left the imperial court dramatically at his own wedding, both girls were sent to an unknown location for the next year or so. It’s unknown what happened there, but both girls were forced back home, and Anya had unlocked her sorcerous power. After this, Vizier Helorie became her mentor, tutoring her not only in magic, but politics, speaking, and many other similar subjects.
By the time she entered the University of Kirov, Anya was known for being a magical prodigy, able to manipulate magic in a way nobody had ever seen before. Not only could she strike a balance between her divine and arcane magics, but she could also somehow combine her lawful and chaotic magic. Anya graduated as one of the valedictorians of her class, and has had several of her spells published to great critical acclaim. She’s quite potent at several schools of magic, including enchantment, transmutation, and conjuration. Anya’s most well-known spell is what is she calls the “True Transformation”, which she claims is different for each person. With it, she can transform into a large, glistening serpent, similar to her father’s form but more intense. In this state, many of her magical and physical attributes are enhanced, but what’s truly impressive about this spell is that it violates the universal law that turning into a giant snake never helps anything. She used this spell to dramatic effect during the Orredmas invasion. She has published her work in AA Arcana, and other scholars have verified that the spell works, though nobody else has ever been able to quite pull it off. It is one of the most energy intense spells known to magicians.
Anya is also known for her unusual choice in boyfriends. She will only date the undead, particularly those of royal or noble blood. She is also heavily involved in the intrigues of the imperial court, though part of that may be just a matter of survival. Anya is incredibly ambitious, but she is now literally the Universe and I don’t really think there’s a rank above that for her to achieve. Her main goals now are surviving, defeating Father, and making sure the universe is a peaceful place at last.

Tsaritsa Anya Alkavov

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