Tsaritsa Esfir the Proud

The former Tsaritsa of Uldok


Esfir is a quite athletic woman, quite stunning but not exactly beautiful. That may sound weird, but it’s the best way to describe her. She has medium brown skin, extremely short black hair, and usually wears dramatic oufits, whether they be elaborate military uniforms, ridiculous, kind of revealing ball-gowns, or suits of armor crafter from her own magic. She’s at least 6’4. Her most prominent features are her violet eyes and gold wings.
She has intense combat prowess, both with sword and shield and unarmed, and possesses Pure Magic abilities as well. She is said to be able to tell when traitors are in her midst, although that could just be a lie.


Esfir resigned as Tsaritsa only three years ago, after a somewhat succesful 315 year reign. Being the Tsaritsa since she was only sixteen years old was truly a burden on the her, and now she’s simply happy to be “retired”. Esfir currently lives with her long-time consort, Prince Itzicatl of Navine, and is apparently spending her time writing a book.
Esfir was known for her physical prowess, intimidating demeanor, occasional eloquence and proclivity towards the overdramatic. During her reign, she accomplished many deeds. She was one of the first few to suggest the notion of the United Planets. She established the Imperial Senate, willingly capping her power. She overhauled the imperial bureaucracy, and actually fought in many key battles. Esfir took many lovers during her time as Tsaritsa. It’s clear that her daughters are not children of the same father. Anya takes after her Navine father, and whoever Ekaterina’s father is, he’s clearly a Zharnian man. Esfir had several female lovers as well.
While during most her reign she was refered to as the Tsaritsa, there were occasionally times where she styled herself as the Tsar of Uldok.

Tsaritsa Esfir the Proud

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