The father of the first virtual goddess


Ulmer only physically appeared when he was possessing a robotic shell of a body to come to our world. He can access a few such shells, but otherwise is primarily located in his computer form, a silver machine.
Historically, Ulmer was a handsome black man with shoulder-length, kind of curly or wavy black hair. He had some sort of psychic connection powers, teleportation powers and could shoot people, either with a gun or with a bow and arrows.


Ulmer lived over three hundred years ago. He was hired as a bodyguard for the Ashbur brothers, when they were still priests. When Elian defected to the Tsar’s side of the war, Ulmer went with him, and when Maelys established Xiaomen, he was her top general.
Ulmer worked for Maelys for many more years, got married, had two daughters and eventually retired and died (of oldness) a few weeks before Elian committed suicide.
Ulmer has now worked to produce his daughter, Desta, who is a goddess. Cool I guess.


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