Tsar Helorie Alkavov

Powerful Wizard, Maker of Golems, Finally the Tsar


Helorie is was a lich for many years, but is now a mortal human once more. He’s a fat, attractive Uldoki man, with shortish brown hair and probably dark brown eyes. He either dresses in fashionable modern clothing (picked out for him by Anya or one of the royal dressers), a black and gold military uniform, or a black and gold set of robes with a long black cape.


Helorie is well known for being a master of magic item crafting, particularly golem making. His specialized school is transmutation, not necromancy, and it’s rumored that he attempted, and possibly succeeded in his lich transformation using unknown transmutation methods that he refuses to publish. In older times, there were two so-called barriers of golem creation, and anyone who could accomplish one of those tasks would be considered a master of creating golems. Helorie was able to accomplish one of these tasks, and for it is considered one of the masters of the art- he is the creator of the adamantine colossus, one of the most powerful golems in the world.
Helorie has a quite unlikeable, brash personality, unless you are close to him, in which case he becomes far more tolerable. However, being alive has softened him up some, and as the Tsar, he has attempted to be more polite to his subjects.
Originally the title of “Vizier” was given to the Tsar’s most trusted advisor, and in the constitution of Uldok, it was written that the only way Helorie would lose this position was if he willingly gave it up. Tsaritsa Esfir went around this restriction by making more viziers, and a “grand vizier” who oversaw all the other viziers. Helorie held the position of a mere vizier for many years, but with Anya’s ascension to the throne he was made Grand Vizier, and then finally recieved the ultimate promotion to the Tsar of Uldok.
Helorie is, of course, the surviving brother of Tsar Dmitri the Great. He rarely speaks about his long-dead brother, but was quite close to him before he died. Helorie is also known for his relationship with Tsaritsa Anya. He has been her mentor and dearest friend for many years, but now he is her husband.
Helorie has one daughter, Arianna. Arianna’s mother is long dead. He and his daughter have a complex, but loving relationship. Arianna and Helorie are still getting used to Helorie being alive, and how it is changing their relationship.
Helorie and Anya also have two eggs.

Tsar Helorie Alkavov

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