A young vexan woman with an adorable pet


Mesembria is a young vexan woman. She is of average height and has a slightly athletic build. In her main form, she strongly resembles a human, except for her long, white tail, and nubby horns that can occasionally be seen beneath her luxurious pink hair. In her other form, her skin turns pinker, she has an additional set of arms (or was it two), more eyes, and memberous wings. Her teeth are sharp, presumably ready to bite. She is very dangerous in this form when provoked. Mesembria is a snazzy dresser and always in style.


Mesembria was introduced as the group’s roommate and owner of the bizarre yet lovable creature, “Sponde” and equally bizarre and loveable creature, “Elete”. Adrianna attempted to bully Mesembria and set Sponde on fire, but the group set Adrianna in her place. Since then Mesembria has been a loyal roommate, not complaining about the random people who keep being added to the room and cleaning the bathrooms on every other sunday.
Mesembria was on a team with Isha and Nadir, but then was on a team with Nadir and Terellis. They won. Mesembria dated Terellis for a while but now she and Alix are dating.
Mesembria is an architecture student, apparently.


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