Aaia is mainly dominated by the Uldoki and Xiaomenese empires. These nations took over most of Phembria some 300 years ago, and have kept a tight grip on them ever since.

The continents of Aaia are thus:

Eliesia: The Isle of the Elves. Mainly only elves live here.

Vaneien (The Phembrine Continent): Contains the western parts of the Uldoki and Xiaomenese empire, the nation of Jarek, and the Dragonlands.

Botaar: The continent with Uldok, Xiaomen, North and South Ilko, Haimen, Navine, and Zhenmen.

Zharn: The continent with Zharn, Krendia, and Pherib

There are also arctic and antarctic continents, which is mainly the home of various white dragons and Azzeren.


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