The Current Time

As per the last session, It is currently Leiter 6th, 7369. Curious about what that means? Then read the page!

The Campaign Started on Nonter 28th, 7368.

The Year

There are twelve months of the year, each corresponding to approximately one sweep of Terill and around 2/3 of Kalev. They fit into four (but sometimes three) seasons, and each have three “weeks” of ten days each.

The Months of the Year

1st Month: Bluemoon, or Kervter. It’s considered the first winter month, although Ovter sometimes has snow, especially at the end. Similar to our December. The winter solstice (known as Sun’s Return) occurs during this month, on the 15th.
2nd Month: Whitemoon, or Icater. The second winter month, similar to our January.
3rd Month: Brownmoon, or Kohter. The last winter month, similar to Febuary.
4th Month: Goldmoon or Aueter. The first spring month, similar to March.
5th Month: Greenmoon or Tevter. The second spring month, similar to April. Orredmas is the 26th of this month, Kalevmas is the 27th, and Terillmas is the 28th.
6th Month: Violetmoon or Seiter. The last spring month, similar to May.
7th Month: Redmoon or Gaiter. The first summer month, similar to June. The solstice (Sun’s Height) is Gaiter 15th.
8th Month: Yellowmoon or Isiter. The second summer month, similar to July.
9th Month: Blackmoon or Nonter. The last summer month, similar to August.
10th Month: Palemoon or Leiter. The first fall month, similar to September. The Fall Equinox is on Leiter 15th.
11th Month: Pucemoon (sometimes Darkmoon) or Vuter. The second fall month, similar to October.
12th Month: Orangemoon or Ovter. The last fall month and last month of the year, similar to November.

In order now! Kervter, Icater, Kohter, Aueter, Tevter, Seiter, Gaiter, Isiter, Nonter, Leiter, Vuter, Ovter.


The current year is 7368. Why that year, you may ask? It counts from when Pallistar lost his goodhood. As in real life, you count backwards from the H.E (Historic Era) before that. 1 year before he lost godhood would be -1 M.E (Mythic Era). At the point of 0 HE, agriculture and early written languages had been developed, along with similar things.

Some notable events include:
1981 HE, the year Terrimev was born.
2022 HE, when the separation of the elves occured.
2500 HE (around), iron becomes the predominant metal.
4012 HE, one of the most famous tomes of magic, the Standard Spell Codex is written. It begins the exact and semi-scientific study of magic.
5219 HE, The city of Kirov is founded.
5333 HE, the seven nations of Phembria are finalized.
6919 HE, Jarek is founded.
7028 HE, The Alkavov dynasty of Uldok comes to power.
7038 HE, The War of Divine Liberation Ends
7050 HE, Tsaritsa Esfir comes to power
7365 HE, Tsaritsa Esfir resigns, Tsaritsa Ekaterina comes to power
7368 HE, The Campaign Begins!

Days of the Week

Starday, Sunday, Moonsday, Airsday, Flamesday, Earthsday, Watersday, Ironsday, Skyday, Goldsday.

Bolded days are on the weekend of sorts.

When Do I Have Classes?
Track A classes are on Moonsday, Flamesday, Ironday, and Goldsday.
Track B classes are on Airsday, Earthday, and Skyday.
Some classes aren’t on either day.
So you have your weekend. Then you go to school for four days. You have a one-day break. Then you have three more days before the weekend again. Then you have a two-day long weekend.
The ratio of Weekend:Week is 3:7 unlike our world where it is 2:5 . Even though you have more days to work, the weekend helps keep things less crazy.

“Important” Days
I dunno stuff your character’s birthdays here or something
Messel’s Birthday: Kohter 13th, 7340 (Portal, a Moonsday)
Anya’s Birthday: Ovter 28th (?), 7341 (Shadow, an Ironsday)
Ekaterina’s Birthday: Icater 2nd, 7343 (Thief, a Sunday)

Birthdays From The Old Wiki
Esfir: Sunday Icater 2nd, 7034 (Portal)
Von Wolff: Starday Auter 11th, 7004 (Spider)
Alleuia: Goldsday Aueter 30th 7003 (Tree)
Valista/Katerina: Starday Seiter 1st, 7010 (Angel)
Sebastian: Starday Isiter 11th, 7011 (Crown)
The Tsar: Airsday Isiter 23rd, 6993 (Crown|Magi)
Monroe: Moonsday Nonter 13th, 7002 (Magi)
Helorie: Goldsday Vuter 20th, 6991 (Ghoul|Fiend)
Arianna: Skyday Ovter 9th, 7016 (Fiend)

The Zodiac

There are 13 signs of the zodiac, each with a specific meaning and time.
I’d like you to pick a birthday, and you can pick by sign or choose a month and day and see what sign you get!! Please post them somewhere. If your character was not born on Aaia, they techncially do not fall under the Aaian Zodiac. Lut and Kenisal have their own zodiac systems, as well as some cultures on Aaia. However this is the most popular zodiac system on the planet.
The personality traits are like the personality traits you find in your own zodiac: not really true, but they can fit a lot of people.
Note: The name of each zodiac (but not the personal name) is taken from a book where it is a core element, but the fluff is original. The poorly/well things are partly from the book and partially made up. If anyone wants to play a binder this will come in handy.

The Portal: People born under this sign are openminded, revolutionary, and adaptable but sometimes weak willed. They do well with Angels and Fiends, but do poorly with Magi. The time under this sign is considered good for beginings and endings. 29th Icater – 27th Kohter.

The Spider: People under this sign are manipulative, fearless, and impulsive, and will do anything to achieve their goals. They do well with Thieves and Crowns, but oppose Genies. The time under this sign is considered good to take up crusades or quests, often of a solitary nature. 28th Kohter – 26th Aeuter.

The Tree: People under this sign are sturdy, parental, good healers, and strongwilled (though stubborn). They do well with Dragons and Knights, but oppose ghouls. The time under this sign is the beginning of spring and an excellent time to begin planting, as well as a good time to conceive children. 27th Aeuter – 25th Tevter.

The Angel: People under this sign are moral, virtuous, and kind, although sometimes stuckup. They do well with Portals and Magi, and oppose Fiends. The time under this sign is considered a good time for charity and acts of kindness. 26th Tevter – 24th Seiter.

The Knight: People under this sign are courageous, protective and zealous, but sometimes cling to the past. They do well with Trees and Ghouls, but oppose Dragons. The time under this sign is considered good for warfare. 25th Seiter – 23rd Gaiter.

The Crown: People under this sign are charismatic and have strong leadership skills, but can be very stubborn. They do well with Spiders and Genies, but oppose Thieves. The time under this sign is considered good for legislation or governmental changes. 24th Gaiter – 22nd Isiter.

The Magi: People under this sign are intelligent, logical and are often good at magic, but often have poor social skills. They do well with Angels and Fiends, but oppose portals. The time under this sign is good for magical research, spellcasting and building. 23rd Isiter – 21st Nonter.

The Genie: People under this sign are creative, flexible and adaptive, though they can feel strong emotions. They do well with Crowns and Thieves, but oppose Spiders. The time under this sign is good for creating things. 22nd Nonter – 20th Leiter.

The Ghoul: People under this sign can be insightful, charming and manipulative, but are often selfish. They do well with Dragons and Knights, but oppose Trees. The time under this sign is considered good for necromancy and murder. 21st Leiter – 19th Vuter.

The Fiend: People under this sign are considered competitive, powerful and driven, but often have little to no sense or morality or skewed morals. They do well with Portals and Magi, but oppose Angels. The time under this sign is good for training, competition and sport. 20th Vuter – 18 Ovter.

The Shadow: This sign is unique: It occurs when Aaia is in none of the other twelve constellations of the zodiac, causing a time known as the shadow. It only lasts a few days and is considered the unluckiest time of the year. People under this sign have no traits assigned to them by this zodiac. However, astronomers have seen an odd star that appears at this time. Shadows are often told to “stick within their own kind”, and are not supposed to do well with people of the normal signs. 19 Ovter – 30 Ovter.

The Dragon: People under this sign are charming, attentive and emotional, but unwise. They do well with Ghouls and Trees, but oppose Knights. The time under this sign is good for things involving money, and is considered the luckiest time in Draconic culture. 1st Kervter- 29th Kervter.

The Thief: People under this sign are considered talented, manipulative and good judges of character, but are considered greedy. They do well with Genies and Spiders, but oppose Crowns. The time under this sign is good to steal shit. I don’t know what else you were expecting.
(Okay criminal activity) 30th Kervter – 28th Icater.

The sign switches around one or two of the FIRST day of the sign, and people born on the FIRST day are considered to be born under both signs. I am not going to detail the combinations, use your common sense.


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