Character Creation Rules

Your character is just a college student, a simple freshling… a freshling at one of the most prestigious universities on the United Planets. You have to be talented and intelligent to get in, be from a family with good connections, have excellent athletic ability, or a combination of those and more. Not to mention what you have to do to survive…

There’s kind of a personal story arc about becoming a legend. You may come from roots that are already famous, and surpass your forebears. Or you and your family may be unknown, and you will shine a light on them. One day, everyone will know your name. You will take your place among the stars. But, right now, you are a freshling at college.

Ability Scores are generated by your choice of:
Standard Rolling: Toll 4d6d1 6 times but you don’t have to add them to the same ones you rolled them with, you can assign them however you like. Though of course each score needs three dice.
Focus/Foible: one score gets 18, one score gets 8, the others get 1d10+7 in order.

This isn’t going to be an ordered list, more like a checklist of things.

  • Do you have a race/species? If not, go to this page Species and look at them.
  • Do you have your classes? If you don’t, look at this page Classes. This is a gestalt game, which means that you will have two classes and level them up simultaneously. I did this in the last game and am bringing it back due to popular demand. It helps with competency, and uh, also the fact that occasionally only one or two people is at a session. Here’s a link to how you do it in 3.5, and the rules have not changed for Pathfinder. Linky
  • Do you have a major that your character will be pursuing? If not, go to Majors and check them all out.
  • Plan your schedule for your first semester at the university.
  • Do you have an alignment, and a good reasoning for it?
  • Do you have a backstory?
  • Buy 200 gp worth of equipment (a little higher than average), but keep in mind you will not be able to legally keep weapons on you at all times. Also, keep in mind expenses you may have at college. You may want to save some of that money.
  • Be sure to add your character to the Characters tab!

If it is your dream, you may have a secondary character that you roleplay only. They should be a freshling at this university at well. They will be in most, but not all of the scenes.

I am working on an “applicaton form” which may help you get into character/me know who the hell I’m dealing with. It’s not mandatory for your main, but if you have a secondary, it is.

Character Creation Rules

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