Kenisal, or Aaia-I, was placed into a time bubble some 300 years ago, a place where time sped up to 1000 times its speed. Two hundred thousand years passed there, while here it was only 200 years. One Hundred years ago Kenisal emerged from the time bubble. The creatures that were there when time had begun to speed up were quite dissimilar to those who had entered.

Kenisal is a planet with far more biological diversity than Aaia-II. It is a unique and interesting place, but very difficult for other people to live on for more than a few months. However, Assel and Illumians seem to adapt naturally to its environment as well.

Kenisal is mostly united. The capitol of the planet is Marandia, a place where the strange artifact known as the Counter-Pull exists. It is this that allows Kenisal and Aaia-II to share the same orbit without affecting each other gravitationally.

Kenisal has large, damp forests, deserts of glass, living seas, and other such oddities. It’s a pretty cool place.

By the way: If any of your class features refer to the “Far Realm”, replace that with Kenisal, as well as perhaps other places… that we have not yet discovered yet… all native creatures of Kenisal are aberrations.


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