There are many mysterious myths and legendary legends that make up the backstory of this world. Today, we bring them to you!

Creation Myth
How the Universe Came to Be.

Dragon Creation Myth By Beatrice/veriloquence!
The creation of Dragons, lovingly contributed by Beatrice.

Mostly Elf Myth
The Sequel to Creation Myth, actually about Divine Drama.

The War of Divine Liberation
Incomplete! But still useful. Covers another major upheaval in gods.

The Story of the Spirits
Incomplete! Explains Lut and its spirits in words. My Little Pony? I’ve never heard of it. Why are the ponies so small?

The Three Hells
Covers the hells of Alexil, Sebastian, and, of course, Xander.

The Story of Kelle
Fun Fact #8!

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