Naven is the name of the planet. I just didn’t want to have two hell pages and confuse the crap out of everyone. Technically, this is the Empire of Hell. The other Hell is a Principality. As there are two hells, people usually say “hells” instead of “hell” when swearing.

The Empire of Hell is ruled by Emperor Xander. To say that he rules with an iron fist is an understatement. This fist is also clawed, and therefore both impossibly hard and sharp, as well as generally on fire. Xander’s solution to most uprisings is brutally crushing them and then sadistically torturing the remaining rebels (including those who he saved for this purpose). He possesses all of the best attributes of his parents, in a way, but none of their morals or ideals. He is physically almost perfect, and he is an evil mastermind, and he has a raw, terrifying charisma to him. He wasn’t as terrible when he was a mortal, but being a god as accelerated all things in him.

Hell is separated into seven administrative regions. As a god, Xander can requisition the use of angels. And as Emperor of the Devils, all of loyal devilkind follows him. Each region is ruled by one angel and one devil working together, often times in harmony. Xander, technically, rules the last, though the day to day running is done by his mysterious exarch, the terrorist and former worshipper of Aaia, Illiam. He’s apparently a psion of some power, as well as, terrifyingly, just as sadistic as Xander himself.

The Empire is a place where the lives of mortals are valued little. Xander treats the planet as his divine realm, so the souls of his dead worshippers end up there. As it is mandatory to worship Xander on Naven, and even if it wasn’t the people there have this feverish, terrifying worship of him, all mortals who die are sent to his pits, to be made into new devils. In addition, devils roam the planet, searching for stray souls of illegal worshippers to capture, so even in death there is little hope.

Xander fluctuates between periods of extreme asceticism and extreme hedonism, and the whole planet just sort of goes with it and follows his lead. The entire planet is controlled by a law system both harsh and incomprehensible. You probably have to be actually a god who can sustain several thought processes at a time to understand it. Literally, the only person who has ever been able to understand it is Melkar, who was once provided a copy of the law code so as to help those there undercover work against the law. After he finished reading it, he swore violently, burned it, and never spoke of it again.

Naven’s military force is apparently middling. Not strong enough to invade Kirov, as was shown on a certain Orredmas that your author wrote a book about. The main advantage Naven has is that nobody else has been quite able to perfect space flight to the point that they can go there, and the entire planet is protected by an anti-teleportation field as strong as that which still protects Terill.


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