The planes are some confusing BS that I, in my infinite GM wisdom, attempted to make less confusing. There are five major planes that exist.

The Axis of Physics: A plane of chaos, where the elements interact with one another. While near the core it devolves into patches of singular elements, and then physics, outside of that, there are fantastic things like seas of ice and fire, clouds of various gases, cities of elementals and jinn. The elementals and their primordial leaders do not get involved in earthly politics, and are currently the only nations at peace with Xander.

The Axis of Drama: The planes where the gods live, this zone is the opposite of the Axis of Physics. It appears an endless, sparkling sea known as the astral sea, where the various divine domains float endlessly. Each domain has its own atmosphere, but the sea itself is breathable yet swimmable in.

The Axis of Biology: This place superficially resembles the two “planes”, but people there seem more alive. Their feelings and biological sensations are more intense, senses are stronger, and the like. The fey make their courts on this plane, as well as the spirits of all the dead creatures who ever lived who did not go to the realm of a god after death, as well as dead animals. All the animals here are fey beasts, far more brutal and beautiful than those that previously existed. This is the plane that is the manifestation of the Divine Compact, and where It lives as ruler of the fey.

The Plane of Physics/Biology: The plane where you live, the universe that originally existed. The “Prime Material” plane. An entire universe. Oddly, it seems to focus on one tiny solar system, and specifically three planets within it.

The Plane of Drama/Biology: The plane opposite to ours. The central planet is known as Lut. The sun, moon, and all other celestial bodies known orbit around it. A place where things go by what should happen, not what would happen.


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