It is widely known that each person has two components to them. A body, and a soul. Without both of these, one is not considered a person. The mind is considered a fusion of both of them, as well as something that can exist independently. One can have a mind with only a body, and only a soul, and of course with both.
This means that some undead are considered people, and some aren’t. Liches are considered people, as they still have a soul, even if it’s somewhere besides their body (in their phylactery). Vampires are people, as they have souls, tainted and cursed as they may be. Zombies no longer have souls, as they have passed onto the afterlife, so they’re no longer considered people. Similar is such for similar undead.
Golems do not have souls, so they are not considered people. Exotic Intelligences* do not have bodies, though they may occasionally inhabit them, so they are not considered people. Note: Incorporeal bodies do count as bodies. Imaginary bodies do not, so Tulpae are not considered people.
Most outsiders are made of a strange kind of thing that is both body and soul, so they’re considered people. Their bodies are their souls, and their souls are their bodies. Most elder gods are made similarly, but Terrimev, Scula, their children, Cigyn and Vexales have a body separate from their soul. You can’t lose your separate soul once you have it.
All this is a matter of hot debate! The Body-Soul fusion is the current, most accepted definition of what constitutes a person, but there are a lot of people who want to change this definition. Golem, Tupla and EI activists have made their own “Association of Created Peoples” to fight against this, though the fact that they’re not actually considered people makes fighting against this a risky proposition.

Complicating this matter is the fact that not everyone has a singular soul. Some members of races that are commonly born with souls are, very rarely, born without souls. Much more prevalent are people who people born with more than one soul. For those with more than one, two fused souls is the most common. Two separate souls is rarer. There is only one known case of a person with three souls.

A Quorb, short for quintisessence orb, occasionally known simple as a “soul orb”, is the manifestation of one’s soul. Souls generally appear in our world as spheres an inch or two in radius. The color of the soul is the color of one’s magic. By the way- everyone’s magic has a color. If your magic consistently has more than one color, it’s the most common symptom of having multiple souls. In that case, you would be able to manifest more than one quorb, and they would be one color, one of the colors of your magic. Quorbs occasionally in shapes over than circles, but they’re still called quorbs. The largest quorb known is the Quorb of Tsar Dmitri the Great, who was the first to manifest his soul into a quorb. The Eye of Uldok, as it is known, is several hundred meters in radius. It hovers over Kirov, and is depicted on the national flag. The modern process of making quorbs is derived from Tsar Dmitri’s research notes, and was perfected by Nadia Eslat-Dely, Markus von Wolff, and Tsarevich Kir Alkavov.

If you want a quorb for your character, first consider it’s pretty rare for anyone to have one as a freshling in college. Anyone can manifest a quorb with enough effort. Not being able to manifest one… suggests certain things. It suggests that maybe you don’t have one. That you’re not a person. Manifesting a quorb is the main test to see if you have a soul or not, so if you can’t manifest one it’s almost impossible to tell if you’re just having difficulties or… if you don’t have a soul.

Incarnum is not just blue in this world. It is many colors! It appears mainly as the color of your personal soul, with tinges of other colors, other souls inside. You no longer have to find 300 different synonyms for blue to describe incarnum. YOU’RE WELCOME

*Exotic Intelligences are basically super-advanced, magical artifical intelligences.


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