The Pantheon of Gods


Cosmic Deities
The Starry One (Anya), The Universe Herself (CN)
Setelli, Goddess of Dragons, Foresight, and Chaotic Magic (CN)
Melkar, God of Intelligence, Knowledge, and Lawful Magic (LN)
Terrimev, God of Redemption, Sacrifice, Outcasts, and Suffering (NG)

Greater Deities
Desta, Goddess of ?? (NG)
Kalev, God of Weather, Love, Freedom, and the Smaller Moon (NG)
Terill, God of Secrets, Vengeance, and the Larger Moon (CG)
Pallistar, God of Trickery, Art, and the Night (CN)
Scula, Goddess of Twilight, Pure Magic, and Community (NG)
Karik, Goddess of War, Orcs, and Honor (NN)
Orred, God of Law, the Sun, and Glory (LG)
Valana, God of The Law (L?)
Cassia, Goddess of Elves, The Wilderness, and Dreams (NN)

Intermediate Deities
Vexales, God of Kenisal, Chaos, and Champions (CN)
Oppo, God of Animals, Peace, and Art (NG)
Elolei, Goddess of Purity, Healing, and Snakes (LN)
Matena, Goddess of Dwarves, Craftsmanship, Gramarie and Hope (LG)
Vamari, Goddess of Fire, Luck, and the Azeren (CG)
Kressl, God of The Truth, Wisdom, The Senses and Psionics (LG)

Lesser Deities
Illiam, God of Loss, Suffering, War, and Devilkind/Demonkind (LE)
Maƫlys, Goddess of Equality, Understanding, Insight, and Good Counsel (LG)
Averet, Goddess of Academia, Illumians, and Logic (LN)
Cigyn, Goddess of Beauty, Ugliness, Insects, and Opposites (CN)
Sasudama Goddess of Ambition, Envy, and Shadows (LE)
Zeark, God of Goblinkind, War, and Strength (CN?)
Shebera, Matena and Pallistar’s Child

Dead Gods
Aaia, Ex-Goddess of Humans, Hope, and Phembria (NN)
Xander, Ex-God of Tyranny, Domination, and Devilkind (LE)

Each god has a herald, mainly known as their Exarch, who gains unique powers from being so tightly linked with this god. An exarch is one of the most devoted and powerful followers a god has. Gods tend to protect their exarchs well. Each god may manifest an avatar in this world, though some choose not to. Gods keep the identities of their avatars under tight wraps, as they can be used to manipulate the god.

Each god, regardless of alignment, can requisition seven solars and forty-nine planetars. These are formed from the gods themselves. If the god is not good, then these angels are altered. Angels are truly parts of their gods. This metaphor seemed to help last time: The god is the body of the person, and the angels are their fingers. If the fingers are chopped off, they can’t function alone. But a person can still function without their fingers. And they can always grow new ones (this is where the metaphor gets slightly less accurate)

The Pantheon of Gods

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