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Cool Kids
She sees them walking in a straight line/That’s not not really her style
This song doesn’t really represent Alix, but it is associated with her because she quoted it in canon as part of an attempt to talk her way out of prison. She succeeded in doing so, and then promptly broke back in to break out Messel and Valentina.

“Ma’am, why did you give a false name to the previous officer?”
Alix replied, “I wished that I could be like the cool kids. ’Cause all the cool kids, they seem to get it. I wished that I could be like the cool kids. Like the cool kids.”

Think it’s time for a revolution
This is a pretty straightforward Alix song. She’s a mess who likes to fight and enjoys shaking things up. Canonically she will literally fight to the death out of sheer stubbornness, and has been surprisingly successful when it comes to riots and revolutions.

Let’s start a riot
A callback to the time Alix started a riot. And the other time she started a riot.

Riot Going On
There’s a riot going on/All the punks are leaving town
Another callback to Alix’s riots.

Burn This City
Oh, at least we know that if we die/We lived with passion
More riotous imagery, and Alix’s policy has always been to throw herself into things and not think too much about the consequences. She’s also been on the move most of her life; staying in the same place for school is unusual for her, even with all the traveling (and dying) she’s been doing.

Out Alive
Now is all we really ever have/Open your eyes and don’t look back
This is the second Ke$ha song on this list, and not the last. It applies a bit more to pre-goddess Alix, but Alix is very focused in the present. She accepts that her current path very well might lead her to a more permanent death, but everyone dies eventually, even the gods. What you do with that time, for Alix, is more important.

Interchanging mind control/Come, let the revolution take its toll
This is another song about revolution, change, and dismantling the current system. Also, Alix is canonically very much in favor of individual freedom and against mind control, so systems which attempt to control not only the lives but the minds of their citizens (cough, Valana, cough) are her least favorite.

Roll up beside us, no place to hide us/All freedom fighters, let’s unite us
This combines freedom fighter imagery with imagery of vehicles, another thing Alix likes. In most modern AUs she has a motorcycle at the very least.

Still ain’t got my marbles/But I got these beats banging out the back of my toy car
This song doesn’t have a ton of lyrics, but it just sounds like Alix to me.

Blow Me Away
I am the shadow on the wall/I’ll be the one to save us all
This song describes combat, subterfuge, last stands… all very Alix. Alix is also strongly associated with shadows and darkness, and somehow has ended up with the job of saving the world.

He’s a Pirate
/aggressive pirate music/
Alix is… a pirate. That’s the original foundation of her character, and still a major influence now that she’s grown into a more complex and realized figure.

Kickstart My Heart
When I get high, I get high on speed
Alix is all about going fast, whether on or in a ship, airship, spaceship, car, motorcycle, airplane, pretty much anything in a multitude of AUs… She loves extreme sports (“Skydive naked from an aeroplane”) and is dating an alien (“Or a lady with a body from outer space”).

Born For This
Everybody live like it’s the last day you will ever see/Tell me, tell me, do you feel the pressure now?
The idea of living each day like your last is, of course, very Alix, as well as the theme of altering the state of minds of those around you and shaking them out of their routines and preconceptions. (“You’ll trigger a landslide (victory)/to kill off their finite state of mind”)

Die Young
Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young
Predictably, more about making the most of your time, the impermanence of life, etc etc.

Get It
At 1 a.m. let’s make mistakes/At 1 a.m. when we, we cut the brakes

In The Stars
My heart’s racing like a rocket/Wind it up and watch it go

You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid

One Night Town
We’ve been running since the day we’re born
This song has a sort of ‘seize the day’ message that is very Alix. Alix also spent her entire youth traveling in her father’s airship, never settling down in any one place. The University of Kirov is the first time she’s stayed somewhere for any substantial length of time, and even then it’s been interrupted by death, adventures, wars, heading off to Naven to fight there…

Bad Girls
Love them bad girls like a bad dream/Shouldn’t want them, but I do

Don’t Look Down
See that sky, we’re gonna reach it now

We Own The Night
We are only young if we seize the night

Long live the pioneers/Rebels and mutineers/Go forth and have no fear

Drive it fast, big sound


We Go
And you know that we go the the edge of the world/We take the challenge and the fear

Something Big
It’s like twenty-five to life so you bust out of prison

Middle Finger
Living like a riot/Setting off the sirens/Fists are clenched, I’m fighting

World Anthem
Throw your fist up in the air/Start a revolution, start a revolution

So let’s start a riot/I’m sick of the silence/Yeah, we’re getting louder/So bring on the sirens

The Rising
Everyone stand up again/’Cause this is the rising

Tell me does it take a war to start a revolution

Throw your fists up in the sky/Let’s start a riot

new revolution lyrics
It’s a new revolution, we’re bringing back the past/It’s a new revolution, the flames are movin’ fast

Hopping Fences
If you want to start rebellion/Let’s go

They took your money and your freedom and your time/They almost took it all but they’ll never take your mind

Bad Girls
Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well

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