Mostly Elf Myth

Welcome to Mostly Elf myth, which was originally part 2 of the Creation Myth back on old unWinter wiki. Here we will learn about things that are mostly Pallistar’s fault and how they fucked up the universe. If you are unsure why Pallistar is angry, go back and read Creation Myth

Part 1: The Children of Pallistar
Pallistar, furious at Aaia for not allowing him to make a race of mortals, decided that as the potter can shape clay into what he desires, so could he with other gods’ races. The first person he struck at was Aaia, taking her two-armed humans and making them the Kayal, also known as Fetchlings. The Fetchlings, for their part, were pretty okay with it. They were sick of being two armed humans in a many armed human world, and being shadow people was an ok thing. Aaia was somewhat upset, but not enough to do anything about it. Pallistar then took humans again, and shaped them like he had the Kayal, but further. Inspired by his brother Kalev’s shifters, he made the doppelgangers, who could take the form of any mortal race they desired. Aaia was considerably more miffed by this. This was going too far. She tried to destroy the doppelgangers, but they hid in every community of every species, and were scattered like the winds.
Pallistar decided this time to strike where it hurt. Now, the elves lived on their paradise island, Elassia, and there they had everything they desired. There was always fruits and vegetables to eat, and the weather was always perfect. Even when it rained, it was never miserable. It was never too hot or too cold- think of California, maybe. The elves, of course, lived forever, and had carefree, eternal lives. However, they were vain beyond compare. Pallistar came to the elves and offered a transformation that would make them even more beautiful. Some of them accepted, and those who did were changed into the drow. Pallistar, having his own personal preferences, found them far more beautiful, but Cassia was furious. She went to her mother angrily, demanding that she do something about this. Aaia cursed these new elves, calling them dark elves, saying that elves so dark should never see the sun again (this is not how the sun works, but Aaia did not care). Their skins would burn at its very touch, and she commanded all humans to hunt them whenever they saw them. She then cursed their maker, stripping him of his divine status, trapping him in the form of one of the drow, and making it so he could never craft anything ever again, and if he tried, it would come out twisted!
Harsh, Aaia. Harsh.

Part 2: Pallistar’s Revenge
Pallistar knew many dark secrets and the nature of lies. He knew his mother had destroyed the original planet, and of the creatures who lived there. He decided to bring them back, larger, stronger, so she could not destroy them and would have to look on them for the rest of her days, forever haunted by her moment of destruction (this would not work, because Aaia was incapable of feeling regret, but Pallistar didn’t know that). But as all he created, they came out twisted and wrong. The gods and primordials, terrified and unable to kill them, decided on a plan. Aaia gave her most trusted angel, the Solar Alexil, a sword to cut the universe in half. He would cut Pallistar and the new abominations away from the rest of the world.
Alexil and his flight of angels flew out to complete this task. While he was going there, The Divine Compact came to these beings, giving them souls and the true intelligence they craved. It then left before Alexil arrived. Alexil cut the universe in twain, and forever prevented It from monitoring life, death, and souls in this side of the universe.
Alexil became the first and king of the devils, but that is a story for another time. Many thought that after this transformation he was no longer a servant of Aaia, but he was, until his dying day.

Part 3: The Birth of Terrimev
Torek had long lusted for Karik, daughter of Setelli and the Orc Goddess. However, Karik had sworn a vow along with her sister Elolei that she would stay virginal, and even if she hadn’t, Torek was awful. Karik was best friends with her aunt Cassia, and trusted her completely. However, Torek and Cassia were closer, and the goddess betrayed Karik, allowing the dwarf “god” into Karik’s bedchambers. Torek forced himself upon Karik, and escaped before Karik could have her vengance. Karik went to her mother, Setelli, who was furious. The two flew to Aaia, demanding justice. Orred, the god of Law and Justice, as well as Karik’s father, proclaimed that Torek should be imprisoned for his wrongdoings, and stripped of his divinity as Pallistar had. However, Aaia overruled his verdict*, and instead proclaimed that Karik was the one at fault, and that Karik must be married to Torek straight away. In addition, Karik’s sister Elolei agreed with this verdict!
Karik, furious at this misjustice, flew away to a retreat, where she was tended to by her loyal orc priesteses. It was then that she realized she was pregnant. Despite her best efforts, Terrimev was born a year later, a hideous child, resembling in Karik’s eyes the worst traits of Torek. His hands, feet, and neck were bare of any flesh or skin, such being peeled away to show his bare bone. Despite Karik’s hatred for her child, she decided to raise him anyway. He would be a powerful weapon in her vengence against those who had wronged her.

Part 4: The Blood Elves
Terrimev grew into an awkward young god, a literal dorc the deity of suffering, sacrifice, and undeath. When he had come of age Karik finally felt the time was right to strike back at Cassia for her betrayal. Terrimev sent an avatar of himself to the Isle of the Elves, much as his great-uncle had done many years before. This time, he struck at their longing. Many of the elves were now bored of the hollow lives they lived. Terrimev revealed to them what he called the truth- that life was meaningless without death- that paradise was true hell- that triumph as not the same without struggle. Many of the elves resonnated with this doctarine, but when Terrimev showed them what he called the solution, around half of them rebelled against it. Terrimev’s solution to their woes was a 1000-year plan of ritual suicide. Every 1000 years the elves would return to Ellesia, mate so a new nest of eggs would be laid, and then the previous elves would kill themselves, allowing the new elves to come forth. Many elves agreed instantly and began the preperations. Those who did not attempted to attack Terrimev, but with his divine powers and the help of the others, he stripped them of their immortality. Those elves who rebelled were now known as the mortal or wild elves. The elves who agreed then spilled their blood after the laying of their eggs, and were known as the high or blood elves.
Orcs then invaded the isle, planning to smash all the eggs, but the guardian spirits of the old elves rose up and protected them, destroying the orcs. Therefore Karik’s revenge as incomplete.

Will Karik’s revenge ever be fulfilled? Can somebody please kill Torek? The semi-conclusion to our tale comes in: The War of Divine Liberation
Some semi-needed background to that story can be found here: The Story of the Spirits
Want to learn more about Alexil? We’ve got your Alexil, right here. The Three Hells

*Some versions of this myth instead of Aaia using her manipulative powers on Orred to make him deliver the verdict he wanted. Asking the gods what actually happened is a good way to get yourself smote.

Mostly Elf Myth

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