The Story of the Spirits

Welcome to “The Story of the Spirits.” This is 100% original material that has never been released in any form, long, short, whatever. I mean, besides the fact it may seem like something about horses i’m so sorry
I hope it helps you understand how the feck Lut works.

Lut has always been a planet of spirits, where such beings thrive in more abundance than the other planets. But there were two chief spirits among them, these being the spirits of the sun and the moon. The planet Lut itself is not a singular spirit, but the entire ecosystem of spirits.
Lut was occupied primarily by spirits, intelligent animals, and the offspring of humans who had accidentally made their way to Lut years ago, the mermaids and winged humans. There were also some regular humans left. Lut also had many magical beasts, like pegasi, unicorns, pegacorns, and talking horses. Dragons too. All beings lived in harmony, and while there were sometimes governments, they were benevolent. There was the concept of money, but in the end, people just did things for other people, whether they paid or not.

The two spirits of the Sun and the Moon walked Lut during this time, and established a kingdom. There they were Queens. In this incarnation and all incarnations, they were sisters. Many times they would incarnate themselves and retake their kingdom. Their subjects, after the death of their queens, would search for the new babies who would become their rulers.
In one lifetime, six young women, who were all best friends, saved the kingdom from many threats, and they were beloved by the Queens. They were considered their great champions, and each had the favor of one of the great spirits. One of the major threats to the kingdom was the spirit of Chaos, and his own incarnation, a wicked shaman who caused the kingdom much trouble. During their last battle against the shaman, the six friends made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their lives to imprison him. The planet noted their sacrifice and put them among the stars. They were spirits now, too, and could incarnate themselves just as the two queens would. They were the spirits of Joy, Flora, Fauna, Weather, Beauty, and Magic. When they were incarnated in physical flesh, they were known as the Witches of X.

1 The word woman here and later is used to indicate gender, not species.

With the two Queens on the throne, the Spirit of Chaos imprisoned and the six friends incarnated, working to make their kingdom and all of Lut a better place, Lut seemed as if it should enter a golden era, though really it was already kind of a golden era, so maybe a double golden era, or a platinum era. However, the eyes of the gods now turned to this planet, and they were astonished.2 This planet was full of intelligent beings. They didn’t worship them!? This planet was rich in natural resources. They had to have it. Many of the gods worked together to colonize the planet. When the two queens and the friends found out, they rallied the people to send the colonizers out!
Of course we all know the end to this story. The Queens were slain, their kingdom burned to ashes, and the six friends destroyed. Lut was completely colonized, and things like feudalism, elaborate systems of government, slavery and the worship of the gods came to the planet.

2 It is worth noting Setelli was not astonished. She’d sent dragons there, after all.

The forces of Aaia learned about the spirit situation and strove in each lifetime to spread the six friends apart. They slew the sun and moon spirits often, and while two or three of the friends may meet each other in a lifetime, even this was rare. It was a desolate age for Lut. But, in one blessed lifetime, the girls met again, and the sun and moon spirits taught them what they needed to know. They had two priorities. They had to re-imprison the spirit of Chaos [it’d been a thousand years and he’d gotten out], and then they had to destroy the colonizers and make Lut free once more.
They decided to do the first thing first. The six set out to fight the Spirit of Chaos. But in the end, there was only one way to imprison him. The spirit of Joy took the Spirit of Chaos into her heart, and she and her spirit became filled with Chaos. The previous one could then be imprisoned within stone. With the spirit of chaos imprisoned, they had a fighting chance against Aaia and the other gods’ forces. When that war was over, the spirit formerly of joy could let the spirit of chaos free again, so they could reform him, and she would be the spirit of joy again. I will refer to her as the spirit of J-Chaos or Witch of Chaos from now on.
As they set off on their next task, they were cut down by the forces of Aaia, who had seen the battle. And so the spirit of joy would not return to her proper station for many years.

A thousand years passed. The complex and convulted political climate of Lut got more complex thanks to the manipulations of the Spirit of J-Chaos. As the years went by her heart became more and more corrupt, as it was not designed to hold the spirit of Chaos for so long.
However, one lifetime came where the six friends were together again. This time, as children. In this time they were: 3

  • The Witch of Magic, Scula Eslat
  • The Witch of Flora, Pippin Levins
  • The Witch of Fauna, Chrysal Latreille
  • The Witch of Beauty, Lady Luxe de Vigo
  • The Witch of Weather, Iris Nae
  • The Witch of Chaos, Gala Bleuler
    The six of them were good friends up until the time they turned 13. Then, after exploring a temple, they were each taken their seperate ways. Scula was finally accepted into wizard school. Chrysal, previously a feral child living in the woods, was adopted.4 Gala’s parents died, and she was sent off to an orphanage. Luxe’s parents moved back to the capitol and took Luxe and her sister Marie along with them. Iris’s parents were moved to a military base. And lastly, Pippin’s actually stayed in town, to tend the apple farm.

3 First names provided by Beatrice
4 Chrysal literally went from being a feral child living in the woods with the animals to the military leader of a fourth of Lut and the Tsaritsa of Uldok. She is an inspiration to us all.

Years passed, and the six witches turned twenty-one. Events conspired to bring the six back together again.
Scula’s school was attacked by worshippers of Aaia. Most of the students were slain, as well as the two headmistresses, who were the sun/moon spirits. Scula barely escaped with her wyrmling dragon familiar.
Chrysal had run away from her abusive new parents long ago and went back to the woods to live with the animals again.5
Gala was let out of the orphanage when she was sixteen and became a thief and con artist for a few years before going back to her hometown to live with Pippin.
Iris had joined the military but deserted to join a rebel group.
Luxe was set up in marriage to a prince she despised, and ran away the night before her wedding.
Pippin was still on the farm, which was struggling.
The young women, except for Iris, met once more. Their reunion was happy and sad- sad because of all the shit that happened to them, but happy, because they realized they would always have each other. They decided they would go find Iris ASAP.
Aaia’s eyes were once again on Lut, and she realized 6 that the six girls were the six witches, and sent her forces to destroy them. They burned Pippin’s family farm, and attacked the five girls there. Working together, they managed to defeat the forces sent to kill them, and the five girls, as well as Pippin’s older brother and little sister, ran off into the night.

5 I think Chrysal was big on speech therapy for Danill when he was a wiggler because when she was a kid she had problems learning to talk.
6 She metaphorically realized this. In reality, it was probably one of her angels or a group of angels who realized this.

They met up with Iris and the rebels, and explained all that had happened. As the witches planned their next move, one of the rebel commanders realized there was something about these six. They were the spirits of legend, or at least close enough to them that he could pass them off as them and raise morale.

The Story of the Spirits

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