Body Shape List

Body Shapes of Characters:

Anya: Anya is described on the opo as having an hourglass shape, though she may be between that and a pear shape, because apparently hourglass shape means that your upper and lower halves are the same size. She wears a corset, but it’s only somewhat impacted her figure. Anya is tall and curvy, not thin. She has large, magnificent black wings, almost shimmery, and snake legs that are usually charmed to look like regular, thick human legs and feet.

Helorie: Helorie is tallish and fat. He’s shorter than Anya and most of the other Alkavovs. He’s definetly largest in the torso. Helorie wears a lot of black clothing, including wizard robes to try to obscure his shape. With being alive again and dating Anya (who’s rather fond of his shape), he is wearing more modern clothing.

Elian/Illiam: Elian and Illiam are both petite and rather flexible. Illiam relies more on his agility and transformation abilities in battle, rather than physical strength and toughness, and Elian is squishy caster, do not harm.

Xander: I’ve always pictured Xander as more monk-like than body-builder like. He’s tall, with long arms and legs. He’s strong and agile, but not actually that tough, except in the supernatural way. When he was still mortal, he’d be more likely to dart in and out of combat, delivering potent strikes rather than stand in one place and punch punch punch.
Xander is left-handed.

Sevvie: Sevvie, when an adult, will be very tall and pretty thin. She would have kind of a rectangle shape and long arms and legs like the xandad. While she does directly fight in combat, she’s most effective when transformed or against low-level or caster opponents.

Jiro: Jiro, when an adult, will be pretty chubby, and while taller than Illiam, shorter than the rest of the fam. Jiro is squishy caster, do not harm. Though sometimes he shoots people? Jiro is pretty androgynous, really. The best word I could use to describe him is soft.

Messel: All Assel are kind of stocky or chubby. Messel is no exception, though he does work out and is above average in strength. His tentacles are long and thick. His athleticism is usually hidden by full body outfits or the fact he wears a binder.

Markus: Markus has broadish shoulders, his torso and lower body are thinner than that, but that part is mostly straight up and down. He has a bit of a stomach. When he has reason to, he wears some sort of slimwear thing to suck it in. Maybe if he wasn’t asshole supreme, he and Messel could go shopping together for bodywear. Markus is squishy caster, but do harm.

Kir/Danill: Kir and Danill are both very tall and naturally very thin, but Danill is less thin than Kir, more towards a medium weight. They’re mostly straight up and down, a rectangular shape. Both are left-handed.

Esfir: Esfir is both very athletic and very concerned with looking athletic. Tall, with broad shoulders, she’s rather musclear and toned. I guess you could call her body shape triangular. Esfir can kill all of these squishy casters, and you know it. Esfir is left handed. Very eagle-like, golden wings.

Dmitri (“The Tsar”): Tall, with broad shoulders and a longish torso. When he had his birth arms and legs, they were kind of thin and gangly, but Helorie’s new designs were thicker and more proprotionate, partially so he could install the advanced magical machinery inside. Yet another squishy caster, except for his arms and legs which are NOT SQUISHY. Has a pretty large wingspan.

Chrysal: Tall and spindly, a few inches below Dmitri. Squishy caster, except when she turns into a giant lazer bear. Had delicate, swanlike wings.

Scula: I can both picture Scula being really tall and really short. As a compromise, human!Scula was kind of short, kind of chubby, should stand up straighter, squishy caster, etc. Goddess!Scula is significantly taller, though not that tall for a god, and with better posture, and still chubby.

Monroe: Average height. Kind of spindly. The definition of squishy caster, though if you kill him he just pops back in his bookshelf bed and is like “ugh” so harming him has little to know effect. I guess he’s 5’9, that seems to be around the average dude height.

Nadia: Look, we’ve done her parents, let’s do her! Nadia is short, and kind of a medium weight, not really thin or fat. As this is partially to help create a mental image of these characters, I’m going to use this space to mention that though her icon is white, she isn’t (and I need to alter it) She would have light brown skin with freckles.

Sebbie: At the beginning of the first campaign Sebastian was rather thin and kind of on the edge of unheathily so, the sort of person you probably secretly encourage to eat more but actually he was an opium addict. After kicking the habit Sebastian began to gain weight again and generally just be in better health, eating better and exercising/training, though he was still rather thin. Sebastian’s next major change was the alexil combination thing, devil/tiefling Sebastian looks mostly like he was when just a regular tiefling, though he may have gained slightly more weight due to being a prince and doing ruler stuff instead of fighting all the time, not really all that tall (one inch taller than me) and with a thicker tail, hooves, and horns. Angel Sebastian is significantly more musculear and athletic, about two inches taller as well. I think of angel sebastian as being more elegant than tiefling sebastian? Angel Sebastian has six wings, one set on his head/neck, one set where wings should go, and one set on his butt. The regular set of wings are used for flying, while the other two help with gliding and the like, though sometimes the butt wings are useful for flying. Sebastian is ambidexterous and has very flexible hands. In tiefling form he has various calluses on his fingers from his bow, as well as scars and the like from old battles, but angel form makes those vanish. When he was a regular tiefling he used to try various creams and oils for the calluses and scars, but he’s kind of given up on that now.

Atl as a human was sort of short (probably 5’6" or 5’7") and on the average side, kind of thin but in a “shit, i forgot to eat, too busy reading books” sort of way. Kind of bad posture, limbs kind of oversized in terms of body. Being a couatl made him taller (5’8 or 5’9), thinner in a more elegant way, and made him have good posture, though that’s of course just in his humanoid form. As a couatl he has a longish body, is sort of thin, and has very long wings, which are actually considered very attractive for a couatl. His head and tail feathers are very long as well. However, his feathers are not as colorful as some couatl.

Arianna is fat and musculear, really amazingly strong and in pretty good shape. When she isn’t doing important exarch duties she’s usually either training or smithing something. Like her cousin Esfir, she could beat up all these squishy casters, but most likely doesn’t want to (except for Illiam, who she wants to throw into a giant blender). Unlike her cousin Esfir, she cares more about being actually physically fit than appearing to be so, and is pretty large, most of her weight being her torso like her father, Helorie. (Also her mom, who has a name somewhere?) She is taller and larger than her husband, except when he’s in giant snake form when I guess he has to be the winner.

Ekaterina is rather thin, and while tall for a regular woman isn’t very tall for her family, easily the shortest except for Bara, who is a small child. She is also the most human (3/4) of the family, so there’s that. Ekaterina has the most realistic looking wings out of the whole family except for Chrysal (when she was alive), with a proportional wingspan and the like. Ekaterina is actually lighter than she looks, due to winged human traits being dominant (winged human + human is always winged human) and is a very squishy caster. Unlike her sister Anya, who is very curvy, Ekaterina is relatively straight up and down. Despite the fact that both her parents were very noticably musculear, I think that Ekaterina would probably still be very light if she worked out, with very little noticable effect on her appearance.

Xai Lin has had two very different images of herself, the random wedding picture and the subeta image. Beatrice, I liked the picture you drew of her. Let’s make that canon.

Etsuko is very light, because moonfolk, despite having moth wings, have a lot of birdish features in how they can achieve flight. She’s on the taller side for a moonfolk, which is still rather short at 3’5" (at least she’s taller than Dr. Veani and his sister) and on the thinner side of medium. She has a sort of vaguely trapezoidal shape, widish shoulders and a smaller waist. She usually wears clothes that hide her thin hips. In magical girl form, her body is slightly more trapezoidal, and she has a poofy yet somehow practical skirt. Etsuko has very athletic legs, and is very good at running, jumping, and kicking people.

Georg: I forgot him and didn’t want to forget him. Taller than Sebastian by two whole inches, wow. Georg looks like he’s pretty thin and unathletic when he’s wearing his giant coat/goggles ensemble, until he takes his shirt off and it’s like “wow this dude is actually buff”. Georg has various scars, including very small needle scars from various experiments and burn scars, but covers them most of the time with magic or cream. Kind of widish shoulders with a smaller but still medium sized weight. I think Georg gained some weight for a few hundred years while he was busy being the prince’s consort, but is busy fighting things and taking far too many potions again and has lost most of it.

Lukas is kind of fat, not that fat but I don’t really think the word chubby accurately describes him. Markus definetly inherits having a stomach and broad shoulders from him, and he resents Damien for getting different genes. Lukas has a great beard and curly hair. Of the whole family, Lukas is probably the least athletic one (Dominik is baby and uncounted), and is vaguely out of shape. It’s yet another thing Lukas beats himself up over. Lukasverse Lukas has ten thousand different appearances depending on what spirits are currently in his body, so let’s just ignore Lukasverse Lukas. (Shoves evil man into box)

Cassandra is of a kind of medium weight, probably like a diamond shape? She gained some weight during pregnancy, lost some weight when she was in a forest eating leaves with the other druids, and is gaining some weight again now that she’s back in civilization and gets to eat real food. I feel Cassie is a lot happier being back in civilization.

Daniys is definetly large and tall, the same height as Georg-dad. She is a spoon shape, and frankly, I don’t know where that name came from. Who gives body shapes names and can they be fired? She has some fat, some muscle, and is very flexible. After Xander, who is literally a god, she’s the best of the siblings at athletic things. Imagine Sebastian making the kids do gymnastics training and recitals. Daniys has held many jobs in her life, and professional dancer was definetly one of them. Sims Daniys is probably the best reference? Wow her sim actually looks like herself

Dmitri II/Constellation System: When they’re fully grown they’ll both be very tall and have a body where their hips and shoulders are both sort of the same side. Dmitri will be thinner (he diets and does light exercise) and The Constellation System mostly agrees that they’d like their body to be athletic and sort of thin, like their grandmother Esfir’s. Kseniya especially resembles Esfir, though she is shorter.

Maëlys: In dragon form, average length for her age, on the slim and graceful side, with a longish tail. In her preferred humanoid form, I have her described as “slender but not skinny,” though I feel like as she’s gotten older she’s probably gained some weight around and hips. I feel like she’s probably wider at the hip than the chest but still not super curvy anywhere. She’s only of about medium height (5’6”), but she has really good posture so she tends to be perceived as quite tall. In humanoid form, definitely a squishy caster, though like Monroe she’s hard to actually harm permanently.

Alix: Alix is the same height as Maëlys, but broader and much more muscular, lean muscle but quite a bit of it, to retain agility but still deliver some force behind her rapier thrusts. She definitely has a rectangular build. Her wings are on the small side for her size, which meant that it took her longer than usual for winged humans to learn to fly, and it takes a bit more effort for her than it would for someone who was thinner or had larger wings. Alix definitely works out. She is also ambidextrous.

Nadir: As a medusa Nadir is of medium height, maybe 5’9”, and broad-shouldered, somewhat heavyset. In dragon form, he is a little shorter than the average length for his age, and has a shortish tail and very wide, longer-than-average wings. He looks like he should be able to punch someone, but he is a truly squishy caster, and must instead Punch With Brain.

Solstice: In her humanoid form Sol is about 5’11”, quite tall for catfolk, and somewhere between an hourglass shape and a pear shape, with curves and serious hips. She’s got plenty of lean muscle, but build for speed, agility, and accuracy rather than brute force. Sol is sturdier than she looks, and her substantial constitution means that’s she’s got plenty of endurance in a pinch and can take quite a few hits. In dragon form she’s a good bit longer than the average, with long wings on the thin side, long legs, long tail; build lean and fast. Once she can fly she’ll definitely be build for speed as well as endurance.

Body Shape List

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