Characters Throwing Parties

Characters Throwing Parties:
The Tsar: You plan an elaborate party for your pet stork Storky’s First Birthday. Everyone must wear stork-inspired costumes and bring expensive gifts for Storky. Halfway through the party Illiam Ashbur tries to steal Storky. You throw a fit and cancel the party completely.

Mehtap: You plan a party for your new pet stork, Storky III. You invite all your residents to come. When nobody shows up, you go to Jeh’s room and attempt to bribe her with bacon. You don’t really know what Sol likes to eat, so you tell her “it” will be there. When they finally show up, there is no food there. There is only Storky.

Messel: In your one-room apartment, already occupied by yourself and your friend’s sister and her s/o, you attempt to invite more people for a party. There will be rice and fish to eat. Before Jeh arrives, you hide the rice cooker. When everyone shows up, you make a vague speech about friendship and the internet. The rice cooker does not survive the party.

Mesembria: You throw a party for Sponde’s existanceday. Terellis asks if you mean “birthday”, but of course you do not. Sponde gets a special treat of a regular-sized cupcake. Bara’s goose and Sponde get into a fight.

Xander: You get Illiam to plan the logistics of the party. There will be blood and sacrifices! All shall praise and adore you! You get to the party and there are balloons and streamers and a banner that says “Happy Existanceday Sevvie!” What is this Illiam. What is this party? Oh, says Illiam, I thought you meant a party for Sevvie. Because she was just born. Guess it’s a party for Sevvie now.

Illiam: Xander tells you to plan a party. What a wonderful idea to welcome your beloved egg child into the world. You start planning a wonderful baby-friendly party, with non-popping balloons, streamers, and of course, baby cake. Even Elian is invited, as long as he brings the cake. Later it turns out Xander just wanted another party for himself. Whatever, Xander. This is Sevvie’s first Existanceday.

Elian: You have an adorable new baby niece, and you think she is just the beans, even if her father is Xander. Illiam asks if you’ll bake a cake and a baby cake for the party, and you decide to attempt to not fight your brother, just this once, for Sevvie’s existanceday (what is an existanceday? is it a new term all you whippersnappers are using?). You bake a small baby cake and a three-tier elaborate chocolate cake with strawberries. When you show up to the party Xander is throwing a fit, so you ignore him and go to pat Sevvie. Aw, what a cute baby. Later, Xander tells you he doesn’t usually like cake, but this one was pretty good. You don’t know how to feel about that compliment.

Bara: You don’t know what a party is. When it is explained to you, you sort of understand what you are talking about. You decide to throw a party. We will all go out and listen to the trees with our hearts. Nobody else can hear the trees. They are very bad tree-listeners. Your goose escapes and bites pedestrians.

Vara: You don’t know what a party is. When it is explained to you, you decide to throw a party. The band will play its only song, “We are The Band”, and you will make crunchy toasts.

Alice: You are going to have a cool party! The last party you had was your birthday party with your moms and grandmom, but they’re dead now, so they can’t come to your party! The band will play its only song, “We are The Band”. You hope you get a ghost bike for your birthday.

Maelys: You throw a party for Helorie’s engagement. Everything is perfectly planned. The guest list is small, but everyone you care about is invited. Ehimay has been kept 110% in the dark about this party. The party begins, everything is going fine until Elian shows up, even though he’s already there. Illiam! (Pronounced as if on sitcom) To make matters worse, Ehimay has somehow heard of the party and has showed up to protest the engagement. Helorie distracts Ehimay with the deck of many things. Twenty minutes later, Elian and Illiam as a permanent telepathic bond, you have a new pet ostrich, Helorie is hideously ugly (again), and Anya got the sex-change card. Valanas police show up to arrest Monroe and Sebbie, and the party is ruined.

Alix: You try to throw a party, but being dead crimps your style. If you had tried pre-death, you would have decided to throw a party to celebrate one of your team’s battle zone wins. You host it on your stolen pirate ship, meaning that only people you trust can be there, but you invite Jeh, Isha, Alome, Luka if he hasn’t ploofed, Nadir, Mesembria, Etsuko, Messel, Messel’s catlady friend, and even Vara and Bara, although they are banned from partaking of alcohol. There is grog and pirating aplenty, and you teach Vara and Bara how to climb through the rigging. Vara falls out, but Nadir was hovering watchfully and caught him. Jeh gets plastered, Alome shoots someone, and then the cops show up and everyone has to flee while you fly the ship away.

Jeh: You try to throw a party for your birthday. Because you don’t like many sweet things, you fetch steak tartare, charcuterie of all sorts, and of course, bacon. Oh yeah, a little cheesecake for yourself. You invited your roommates and anyone in your social circle who you thought would come, but when you prepare to eat your dessert, you realize that if you want to do so in public, you would have to share with everyone! You try to enjoy yourself as the party drags on, until finally when everyone but your roommates are gone, you squee at the relative privacy and eat some cheesecake…only for your roommates to announce that they love cheesecake.

Jeh II, the Sequel: Jeh: You decide to throw a surprise party for Messel’s birthday. The first thing you do is to tell everyone about it. All the foods will be here. Bacon. Meat. Rice? You are uncertain whether or not there will be drinking. Around the time of the party, Messel tells you that he had a date planned with Valentina anyway. That’s not a problem! The party goes on as planned, minus Messel and his cat girlfriend. Sol shows up and eats about half of the bacon. Pigichocho decides it is time for yet another riddle drinking game. Lebert (how did she get into this party) asks more dragon riddles, and everyone wonders why, since we already know she’s a secret dragon. By the time the party ends, nobody remembers that it is Messel’s birthday anymore.

Nadir: You decide to throw a quiet, slightly belated housewarming party. You, and Isha, and the kids. Well, as quiet as anything can be with the kids and animals all underfoot, but that’s okay. And you suppose you should invite your sister. Normally you would invite Jeh, but what with the invasion and all, and Isha being on bad terms with Jeh… well. Sol brings along Etsuko, which is surprising to you, but a good choice, you think. Things go pretty well. The ponies are disruptive, but turning into a dragon and lecturing them is surprisingly effective. Everyone has a good time, although they are forced to suffer through a performance by the children’s band.

Sol: Your door was desecrated again, but this time you decide to host a door-painting party for your entire dorm section! You buy up a bunch of painting supplies and get Mehtap’s permission. You rope Etsuko in to help you teach the other girls in your section art techniques and skills, and people put aside their differences for a little while to paint their own doors and help paint the doors of their section members. A couple music majors teach the rest of the girls some call-and-response songs to sing while you all paint. A few paint fights break out, and despite abundant amounts of tarp rainbow splashes of paint mark the entire section for weeks afterwards. You and Jeh have a glorious door of many colors afterwards, even better than the first paint job you did on it, you think. Mesembria’s door is painted Sponde-pink with cupcake pictures on it. Etsuko and Pigi have a door that is painted in an attractive abstract pattern of blood-red and sky-blue. There is punch and cupcakes for all, and bacon, and smoked salmon. Possibly at some point the punch gets spiked, but no one saw you-er, whoever the perpetrator might have been, that is-do it, and Mehtap is too busy trying to get her stork to stop making bright orange footprints everywhere to do anything about it. Not that she necessarily would have anyhow. You flirt with Etsuko, a little outrageously once you’ve drunk enough punch, but are distracted when you realize that you have inadvertently dipped your tail in Mesembria’s bucket of bright pink paint. Your tail is pink-tipped for weeks, but it was totally worth it.

Characters Throwing Parties

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