Gender Identity and Pronouns List

Sebastian: Cis Male (He/him/his) (Fun Fact: Exalted!Verse Seberin is bigender)
Georg von Wolff: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Xander: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Illiam: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Elian: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Lukas: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Cassandra: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Daniys: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Ulmer: Cis Male (He/him/his) but also kind of a giant computer
Danill: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Thalia: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Markus: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Nadia: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Monroe: Cis Male (He/him/his) (but frankly I don’t think Monroe cares?)
Damien: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Osslinidi: Cis Female (She/her/hers)

Messel: Trans Male (He/him/his)
Dr. Checkers: Genderfluid (Gender varies by astrological conditions of Kenisal- currently uses It/It/itself pronouns)
Valentina: Cis Female (She/her/hers)

Sasudama: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Ediel: Trans Female (She/her/hers)

Dmitri: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Helorie: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Anya: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Chrysal: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Kir: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Ekaterina: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Esfir: Bigender (She/her/hers or he/him/his)

Seva: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Jiro: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Zarya: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Dmitri II: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Pyotr: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Samiul: Demimale (He/him/his or they/them/theirs)
Fedor: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Kseniya: Trans Female (She/her/hers)
Valentin: Agender (Ae/aem/aers)
Morti: Trans Female (she/her/hers)
Dominik: Genderfluid, accumulator of pronouns (but they/them/theirs is almost always fine)
Alice: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Vara: Cis Male? (He/him/his)
Bara: Cis Female (She/her/hers)

Pigichocho Xenora Dasosa: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Mehtap: Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Forfax: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Mesembria: Demifemale (She/her/hers)
Etsuko: Trans Female (She/her/hers)
Terellis: Intersex (AFAB) Female (she/her/hers)

Haelin: Er, do I have to pick male?
Yarlin: Same?

Elato: Cis Male (He/him/his)
Mateus (Elato’s Fiancee): Trans Male (He/him/his)
Cadis (Happiest Baby in The World): Demimale (he/him/his, they/them/theirs)
Inaile (Elato’s Sister): Cis Female (She/her/hers)
Chandni (Inaile’s Partner): Trans Female (She/her/hers)

Krenmyr: amazing (ey/em/eirs)
Mazin: Trans Male (he/him/his)
Eurynomos: Genderflux, Male (he/him/his or kei/keir/keirs/keirself
(Krenmyr and Mazin’s other partners)
Chandra: Polygender (fae/faer/faers or they/them/theirs)
Javier: Trans Male (he/him/his)

Maƫlys: Cis female (She/her/hers)
Sol: Cis female (She/her/hers)
Alix: Cis female (She/her/hers)
Nadir: Cis male (He/him/his)

All those born gods are shapeshifters, and those born gods shifted into a form they found comfortable. Look let’s just list the nb gods
Pallistar: Genderfluid as heck, they/them/theirs pronouns.
Terill: Bigender, whatever pronoun a worshiper feels most comfortable with is the one that Terill allows them to use.

Gender Identity and Pronouns List

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