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The guidelines we should all abide by while editing this wiki.
Wiki Editing Standards

The rules for making your very own person.
Character Creation Rules

There are three planets that stand united against the threat of Xander. They are: The United Planets!
The United Planets

There are other places that aren’t planets, but still aid the United Planets and sit in their council. They are known collectively as the Allied Realms.
The Allied Realms

The threat, the nation they’ve been at war against, the enemy of all the United Planets and Allied Realms. It is the empire of Hell, perched on the planet Naven.

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The country you’re living in, at least for the next few years.

The school you’re going to, at least for the next few years.
The University of Kirov

A page where we talk about… societal issues dun dun dun

The various gods that most people worship, and the faiths that others turn to.
Gods and Religions

A different Link to gods, so you don’t have to go through a page of a link.
The Pantheon of Gods

The other folks who are cosmically important.
Important Non-Deities


Story Time With Cecil!

The various sorts of people that you can play that inhabit this world.

The various sorts of people and animals that you can’t play who inhabit this world.

Two topics that in this world are completely, totally, BFFs.
Science and Magic

Also known as Arcane Engineering, the stuff that holds up this world besides hopes and dreams.

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